Colors could be an intimate facet of our everyday lives and exist in everything that we come across. Colors and emotions possess a strong relationship between them. It truly is widely recognized that colors also have a strong influence on our thoughts and emotions (Hemphill, 1996; Lang, 93; Mahnke, 1996). The color reddish colored has been associated with excitement, power, sex, enthusiasm, speed, and danger. Light has been linked to pure, intacto, clean, fresh, and slight. Blue that is most well-known color has become associated with trust, reliability, that belong, and greatness.


Dark-colored is of that ilk with sophistication, elegant, sexy, mystery, and sexual. And Pink is usually allied with soft, nice, nurture, and security. Colors are related to many different thoughts. All colours have great and negative impression associated with it. It is often tested and proven that colors will vary alpha price associated with that. The purpose of the research was to find out if the brain reactions differently while seeking at styles and to see if there were virtually any connections among color and emotions.

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Methods Members

The data with this study was gathered by a total of 11 participants from Intellectual Neuroscience Laboratory class (4 male and 7 female) at the University Center, Pond County Grounds. Among those participants included one teacher and the other ten consisted of undergraduate pupils from psychology department at Northeastern The state of illinois University. All of the participants examined had simply no sort of color deficiency. Stimuli Series of half a dozen questions were prepared pertaining to the research consisting of two parts: the first portion included power-point with the five different colors playing each pertaining to 20 secs followed by the questionnaire.

The series of questions asked the participants of their emotional stage while looking with the colors. Five random shades were selected based on social reference for America. The colors consisted of crimson, white, blue, black and red. The color selections were prepared using Microsoft company PowerPoint 2010 software. Procedure For this research, participants were tested independently in a class room designed as a computer lab. Each player was sitting front of any desktop computer. The monitor displayed each color illustration total screened one-by-one which survived 20 seconds each.

Participants were advised to look for a smiley deal with while looking by colors to keep them aimed at the display. Each player was noticed under the NeuroSky Mindset ELEKTROENZEPHALOGRAFIE while looking at the colors to record their very own brain activity. The purchase of color illustration was same for the participants. Following each individual was performed looking at the colors; they were asked a series of questions related to thoughts. Participants were asked, “What emotional response do you affiliate with (name of color)? and What color captivated you more?

These concerns were revised from Boyatizis and Varghese (1994) and Hemphill (1996). Only one response was authorized for each question. The answers were recorded on an observation sheet. Each observation survived about 5 mins each. Effects Data for this study was analyzed applying Microsoft Exceed. The typical and suggest was done to get the several alpha amplitude. There were an overall total of seven different replies for answers to choose from pertaining to the feelings section of the questionnaire and five colours to choose from to get the response to what color attracted the participant more.

Some of the queries had similar meaning (e. g., relaxed, angry) and a few had diverse meaning including (honest, stable). Based on the results; reddish had the very best amplitude meaning participants had been calm while you’re watching the color red. Pink acquired the lowest extravagance which means that individuals were thrilled or pressured while watching the colour pink. The typical mean ranged from 29. a few ” 10. 6. Despite the fact that red is recognized as an excited color; the EEG showed that participants were even more calm or perhaps relaxed although observing reddish colored.

Pink is regarded as a soft and sweet color but the ELEKTROENZEPHALOGRAFIE showed that participants were stressed and excited when observing red. One-tailed t-test was used to assess the data intended for significance. There was significance among all shades except once we compared red vs . white colored and white-colored vs . black. The p-value for white and red was zero. 1, for white and blue p-value was zero. 02, among blue and black p-value was. 13, and p-value between grayscale pink was 0. goal. These results show that there was significance difference in alpha.

Different amplitude confirmed the different first rate. 9 out of 11 participants chose pink since many excited color and 6 out of 11 chose pink as their preferred color. This shows a correlation among brain activity and thoughts. The ELEKTROENZEPHALOGRAFIE showed pink as the most stressed or excited color and the participants selected pink as more thrilled as the response to one from the question intended for experiment. Discussion The main shoot for this examine was to examine color-brain activity allied with emotions among random sample from undergrad students and professor.

The current study contains five colours including reddish colored, white, green, black and green. A head-set from NeuroSky Mindset, personal computer and a questionnaire. Overall, 54. 4% participants declared that pink was their favorite color and 81. 8% of participants said that they experienced excited if they say the color pink. 18% of participants said these people were attracted to the color red plus the rest of 27% was distributed equally among the color white-colored, blue and black. The results figured there was a tremendous different of most the colors aside from red versus white and black vs . hite.

An overall total of half a dozen participants declared they experienced danger whenever they saw red but the EEG results confirmed the opposite concluding that they were more comfortable. A total of six individuals said they felt quiet while looking at white and seven said they were relaxed while looking in blue color. Almost all intended for except 1 said that they felt critical while discovering the color dark-colored. For foreseeable future studies, We would have the individuals write all their emotional response right after they will see the color and have these people decide what response they will feel rather than having them to decide on one of the answers given.


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