Analyse Obamas Speech Back to School Essay


The speech is composed in a classic way! Initially comes the opening. “Hello everyone – how’s everybody doing today? “(P. 1 l. 1) Here Obama already attempts to get at the same level because his market, despite his status.

After that he explains to some history information’s regarding his individual childhood and schooling. After that all the intrigue comes and he helps it be clear the actual point with the speech is. At the end this individual sums in the main points, besides making the importance of an education very clear for the students. This “construction” makes it very easy to follow and understand the speech and this is extremely impotent, if he is handling the presentation to young people. All along Obama don’t speak academically; he’s really trying to reach the young viewers.

Obama makes good use of the classic Appeal form in the speech. He uses among other ethos that coupled with his obama administration gives reliability. Pathos he use, if he gives good examples from his or Michelle Obama’s own childhood. Such as in line 76-78 “Neither of her father and mother had gone to school, and they didn’t have very much. But they worked hard, and she worked well hard, in order that she may go to the best schools through this country. ” He appeals to their thoughts by saying that she originated from hard circumstances, but regardless of this she would well.

It’s the good case he gives. On page three to four, he provides examples of a female who could hardly speak The english language, when the lady started school. And boys with head cancer, and a girl that grew up with the toughest neighborhoods. But since they fought against for what they wanted, they managed well.

He tries through the good examples to say that you can break the social historical past and that anything is possible. Obama uses logos during the entire speech when he appeals to sound judgment with his audience. Like when he in line 49 says that “You can´t drop out of school and just drop into a good-job.

You’ve reached work for this and train for it and pay attention to for it. ” When he says that you must offer an education to have a good job and that you have to improve it. This is already some thing people know, he merely confirms it! Throughout the whole speech he repeats two words again and again in the beginning of your sentence: “I know… ” and “I expect …”. He work with “I know” when he can be referring to his own lifestyle; a pathos speech structure. He employ “I expect” when he use logos and this gives his words even more substance, because you get really dedicated to the things that are repeated.

And so those two examples are used to get the target audience to really figure out his messages and what he desires. But that he have been around in the same place as them, therefore he understands their thoughts. Obama is at his talk talking a whole lot about responsibility. He is speaking about, that educators, parents as well as the government have a responsibility to support and help the students to get an education.

But it will not make a difference, for as he says, “you as being a student will not take responsibility, for your own education”. With this he places a lot of pressure to each student and this does not support when he with 166 says “don’t let us down- don’t let your family or the country or yourself down”. There is a large amount of pressure in this because he practically gives these people the responsibility to get an entire region. He encourages them on the other hand by saying “Every one one of you has a thing you’re good at” (l.

36). And, that no matter what goal that they set themselves in life, they have to work hard for doing it, because nobody succeeds within the first make an effort. This he supports by giving examples of highly successful people like JK Rowling and Michael Jordan that have failed many times before they succeed.

He uses a estimate by Jordan in line 145 “I possess failed repeatedly and over once again in my life. And that is why I do well. ” He recognizes that some people get it worse than others because of the financial status, their appears or racial, but “That’s no justification for not trying” (line 86-87); a value standard for People in the usa. I think Obama has made a wonderful and inspiring speech. A speech that is extremely well made up to the audience, using ethos, pathos and logos in a brilliant way, securing that his communications and the objective with his presentation comes in a very motivating way, right now!

I also believe that Obama is very conscious that his speech can be public and not only for trainees audience, in how that this individual appeals to most, the students, father and mother, the government and the entire region.

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