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African-American Men

Supply a brief introduction to the health issue among your selected group, statistics regarding the scope of the problem, and its ramifications for overall health.

According to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2010), “African-American guys suffer disproportionately from hypertension, a noted risk component for heart problems and cerebrovascular accident, ” (p. 4). Occurrences of high stress and the range of hypertensive diseases is definitely higher among African-American males than for guys in other cultural groups in the us. Moreover, death rates due to complications with heart disease and cerebrovascular disease remain larger for African-American men than for light men (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010). Awareness of their particular condition and efforts to manage high blood pressure happen to be increasing among the African-American men population. However , promoting even more comprehensive prevention and treatment programs that pinpoint the African-American community can easily still reduce aerobic complications and fatalities additional.

For any public health campaign to work, it is important to know the root factors behind the issue and learn how to addresses it within the target community. High blood pressure incidences among African-American men may be traced to a number of different causal factors. Not all of them are genetic or neurological, and some happen to be psychosocial in nature. For instance , high costs of aerobic illness in African-America guys have been empirically linked to recognized racism (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010). Socio-economic position, and in particular any risk of strain from economical insecurity, is additionally linked with heart disease among African-American men. The correlation among low socioeconomic status and hypertension can be stronger between African-Americans than it is intended for Caucasians. Economic strain as well makes it not as likely that health services will probably be sought. Various other concerns associated with access to health-related for heart problems include a mistrust of the health-related system generally and a “lack of cultural competence among physicians, ” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010).

2 . Describe the Social Identity from the crew you chose. Specifically addresses how each of the PEN-3 model three elements of Cultural Identity relates to your group. Be sure to offer examples.

Three factors of cultural identity according to the PEN-3 model contain person, expanded family, and neighborhood. At first developed being used while

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