What Kind Of World Do You Want To Live Essay


Whenever we are able to build a world of our very own we would that world with everything we all like and erasing everything that we don’t like. But that world may change based upon our age ranges. So like every normal people I have my own world in my mind since I was little.

Seeing that my desire is to be a scientist I want to be the creator of each single part of my own world. I want to protect my own community like Super Man defends the earth. And i also want to erase just about every disease, low income and exactly what is detrimental to the people.

And then for the first thing intended for poverty I do believe everyone really should have a role to afford them for the standard living. As I i am living in a developing nation unlike America, I’ve viewed many people sinking deeply in poverty. But for the rich persons it is the opposite. They are becoming richer and richer however the poor people have grown to be poorer and poorer.

So I would like the individuals in my globe live in relaxing and a normal lives. And i also would also like to live in a world where there can be political stability where there is no war among countries and countries. I don’t even want a one conflict going on in the country. Nowadays One of the biggest countries in the world is at war with another country. United States Of America is fighting against the Muslim racists who’s butchering every single thing that does not follow them.

Now we have to stress about those people terrorizing the whole world. Terrorism and killing people pertaining to no overall reason is just repulsive and I, probably adding millions of others, cannot see myself put up with this any more. My approach to terrorism have been amplifies by one million following I’ve heard all the things happening with the US army and ISIS. Seeing all these individuals who got murdered and all the families that got damaged just provides me towards the conclusion the particular people have simply no respect, no humanity, not any heart, simply no nothing.

These individuals are worth nothing, not even a penny to me. So I wish to live in a global where all of us don’t need to be worried about health care, education, business and much more. And I also don’t like how men will be treating girls in the Muslim countries.

Women should be well known since they offer birth with their children. But they treated the opposite to the women who gave labor and birth to their kids and get them to worship just like God. Every men should always be gallant and really should always handle that girl with admiration.

The woman is important because of he ability to take children to our lives. Personal responsibility is in the list because you are always responsible for you won activities, not other people. And for the matter that is happening nowadays in modern world is the individual has entrusted to create better cars, iphones, realistic video gaming, powerful computers and weaponry of mass destruction.

A fierce technical revolution that has made person forgets entirely his mankind, his beliefs, the abstract aspect that goes beyond the banalities and the wish for power. In the 90s children used to perform in front of the community happily and lively. Great the children given birth to in the 21st Century only have their eye stuck for the computers and play video games for hours.

And the young outdoorsmen who used to explore the fields, analysts who utilized to keep in touch with the type are just looking at the cellular phone’s screen for hours and researching on the net. For my opinion, applying Internet is not a really bad move to make. But online, playing games for the whole day that you usually forget to study is definitely not a good action to take. Because of this also our relationship with nature continues to be affected, man has lost the ability to view the sunset and stroll inside the rainwater, man offers lost the cabability to appreciate the small , and significant information.

After that complex virtual marine, thousands of testimonies that happen are ignored. For the final outcome I would wish to live in a global where there is no serious disorders, and wars where many individuals would reduce their lives or poverty that would make mankind live in despair. I actually don’t desire to live in a new like 21st Century where a lot of people are just taking a look at the cellular phone’s screen or the personal computers.

I would only love to be in a world with peace where I can just live such as a normal persons peacefully and lively.

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