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My personal internship project at Maantt Global Services was to make templates intended for projecting Return on Investment (ROI) and Break-even evaluation statements for just one of their products. This involved generating web templates that can enable simulating returns for the firm in different scenarios. The internship as well provided on the job experience with the accounting software Tally ERP 9.

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Tally ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING 9 is single application that allows users to manage multiple financial and business features. It provides a thorough framework and integrates numerous business functions. The various features provided by Tally ERP on the lookout for include Accounting Finance, Revenue, Inventory Order Management, Job Costing, Built-in Payroll Managing, Data Harmonisation, Statutory Complying and Security Access Control.

The internal auditing by Maantt Global Services concentrates on cloud computer services which are largely being adopted by technology firms from equally business applications and IT infrastructure views. The impair services offer various rewards such as large reliability, versatility in terms of the operating system programs and fast scalability from it infrastructure. The parameters that Maantt considered while implementing the cloud services are the nature of information, privacy problems, data protection, contractual factors, etc . The company’s internal auditing involves an important role during these critical endeavours by aiding the company understand the risks connected with cloud alternatives and ideal risk mitigation strategies.


Maantt Global Services Private Limited

Maantt Global Services was founded in 2014 to create a program for cameras with the latest trends in technology. The company was started with the perspective of expertise management and reach out to the education-technology (Edu-tech) sector.

Mr. Sakthivel Kannan may be the Co-Founder CEO of the firm. He offers 15 many years of experience in cross-functional clubs, driving item quality, technology and answer specifications, schooling development. Mister. Mahendra Prasad is the Co-Founder and COO of the business. He was the brain behind several business initiatives in varied fields including Glazing, Windoors, Consumable exports and Agents.

The vision of Maantt is always to enrich employability of fresh value makers.

Their very own mission is to reach the true quality of worldwide communities’ life by means of enduring value creation. Maantt uses the theory of “People first” to offer the right remedy at the best. They work by a process of “Simplify” to stipulate organization solutions to handle complex organization challenges.

Maantt’s clients include Aware Technology Solutions where it offers learning administration systems. The other consumers include language schools like SRM University, Sikkim, SCHAWK, a worldwide cross-media Production Agency and Omega Company, Hyderabad.

Maantt Global Services is located in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. It has another branch in Singapore.


Maantt has evolved 4 distinct products which usually cater to the requirement of the target viewers.

They may be:

  • Andhima
  • Banyan
  • Counter Away
  • Delxpro

1) Andhima ” The last mile connect

A B2C digital platform which allows users to:

  • Exchange sorrows of loved ones who may have lost their particular lives, with buddies or loved ones.
  • Content obituaries on the spot.
  • Help remind friends and family of rituals being conducted.
  • Create memorials for family and friends.
  • Make directory intended for services such because ambulance and flower delivery.
  • Increase funds to compliment a good trigger.

Wishdel ” You wish, All of us deliver

  • A wing of Andhima where registered users can create blogs.
  • It is an Android app which is compatible with cellular as well as internet platforms.
  • Can be used because delivery service for delivering flowers towards the house of grievance.
  • Can also be used intended for delivery services for incidents such as birthdays, weddings, etc .

2) Banyan ” Ability Development System

Talent Expansion Systems integrate HR procedures to develop, motivate and engage and retain productive employees. Their very own main goal should be to create a top-end sustainable business to meet their strategic targets. Training desired goals are founded to help the individuals inside the organization intended for career planning. The system provides professional creation courses to master their primary competencies, boost job performance and encourage personal development. An electronic study course catalog is manufactured available, a personalized learning plan, displaying a list of advised courses, a track list of the courses which have been successfully completed and a calendar of approaching training incidents.

The product ‘Banyan’:

  • Follows a principle of Check-Learn-Do-Certify.
  • Incorporates the features of a learning management system with additional features.
  • Supports microcontents which appeal to the target target audience.
  • Created to make college students potential staff of an corporation.
  • Employs a program/course workflow and delivers a fantastic user encounter.


  • Role structured intuitive dashboard which provides usage of actionable observations.
  • Try it Yourself ” Provides hands-on and skill certifications to get various development languages.
  • Integrates the characteristics of ‘Slack’ ” a forum intended for real-time communication and topic-related discussions.

3) Benchaway ” Freelancer Community

There are several people out there, constantly, inside the lookout for careers and to include a important career. The idea of a fulfilling career reflects one’s skills, competencies, passion and also their moral values. There are people who believe that they are stuck with jobs that don’t provide them with any work satisfaction and are also unhappy about this. A freelancer community takes on a major position in helping the freelancers you should find an interconnection among their values and skill. This is a platform so they can showcase their talents are connect to company. This can help organizations to satisfy their potential employees and get the work done from the self employed.

Listed here are the key tasks of the item ‘Benchaway’:

  • A community intended for freelancers and also organizations trying to find the right expertise.
  • Connects potential employees with companies.
  • Allows individuals to screen their abilities and get rewarded.
  • Provides dashboards that help manage recurring projects.

4) Delxpro ” Program boot camp

A programming boot camp is known as a technical training program that helps persons gain encoding skills that employers try to find. This helps those to master their very own programming abilities and solve real-world challenges.

Listed here are the features from the product ‘Delxpro’:

  • A B2C platform that provides totally free digital learning programs.
  • Helps people gain hands-on experience with industry expert mentorship.
  • Helps you to deliver knowledgeable professionals towards the organizations.
  • Follows Check-Learn-Do-Certify framework.


  • Ready an ROI template by simply considering the opportunities and revenue figures.
  • Calculated the estimated profit margin.
  • Identified different expenses sustained in selling Banyan to consumers, with the help of Mr. Sakthivel
  • Do a research on the types of marketing and future costs for the same.
  • Made provisions intended for offering savings to pupils and commissions to the universities promoting the item.
  • Grouped the fixed variable expenditures and prepared a break-even examination template applying Excel
  • Calculated the break-even point in the number of pupils, and break-even sales figures
  • Used formulations such that an alteration in handful of cells gives us the overall picture of revenue statistics.


  • To arrange a return in investment (ROI) and break-even analysis assertion for the item Banyan.
  • To create discount vouchers for purchase, sales, cash and bank transactions on Tally software and perform lender reconciliation.
  • To create money vouchers of day to day deals and ensure that they are backed by promoting documents (receipts).


Employing Microsoft Stand out, I enabled simulate cases for a merchandise Maantt designed to offer. I had formed to estimation expenses, sort them into fixed and variable, job for revenue and figure out the lowest number of individuals, keeping in mind the required rate of profit margin.


a) Preparing an excellent return on Investment (ROI) declaration

Maantt authorized a deal with SRM College or university, Sikkim to get 5 on-line courses through Banyan system namely:

  • Certified Program in Medical Code
  • Certified Program in Revenue routine management
  • Accredited Program in Source chain supervision
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Data Scientific research
  • Post Graduate student Diploma in Artificial Intellect

The first 3 courses had been for a life long 3 months each and the next 2 programs were for the duration of 12 months each. Your data of the costs of offering each program was presented. My task was to do research and identify the various expenditures incurred in designing and selling an internet course. The expenses identified were:

  • Studio System
  • Payout pertaining to Subject Matter Professionals (SME)
  • SME content creation
  • Promoting resource
  • Organization Development
  • Course maintenance
  • Web hosting providers
  • Marketing expenditures through numerous channels:
  • Events Branding
  • Social networking
  • Blogs
  • Email
  • Video marketing
  • Immediate marketing

Revenue was calculated after providing a 50 percent scholarship pertaining to the students in the first amounts of all five courses. My spouse and i also computed a 10% commission for the University intended for promoting you can actually product.

The costs for studio and system was calculated by visiting areas and negotiating a price with them. Topic Experts (SME) propose packages for their content and their lecture recording depending on the number of hours. Marketing bills were calculated after examining the market rates.

b) Preparing a Break-even evaluation statement

Break-even analysis allows a company to ascertain what must be sold, monthly or every year, to cover the cost of doing organization. It computes a break-even point based upon fixed costs, variable costs per unit of revenue and income per product of product sales. The break-even point is usually reached when the expenses received are comparable to the revenue generated, that is, no earnings no damage. Break-even research deals with the contribution margin of a merchandise. It is the excess between the selling price of the very good and total variable costs. Fixed costs are not considered in calculating the contribution margin.

Maantt desired a break-even analysis to forecast all their break-even product sales figure and to analyze the amount (number of students) when they will break-even. Also, to learn the bare minimum sales quantity needed to avoid losses. This also helps those to set targets in terms of the amount of units or revenue.

Break-even research helps Maantt to set all their delivery cost of the merchandise to understand the economic influence of various selling price and sales-volume scenario. Having the right cost for the merchandise can enhance profit much quicker than raising volume.

To compute a break-even analysis assertion, I categorized the fixed and varying expenses. With all the total revenue from every 5 classes and the total expenses (fixed and variable), I worked out the profit. Then, I determined the sales revenue per user plus the variable cost per consumer to know the contribution perimeter per user. The profit margin was computed, and the break-even point was calculated simply by dividing total fixed expenditures by contribution margin per user. Finally, the break-even sales was computed by multiplying break-even point with sales revenue per user.

c) Voucher records on Tally software

Coupon entries had been created in Tally software for several transactions making use of the invoices. The transactions had been:

  • Buy
  • Sales
  • Funds
  • Bank

After accounting for these transactions, bank getting back together was performed on Tally. A traditional bank reconciliation declaration tallies the balances in a company’s accounting records for the corresponding information on a lender statement. This is done to determine the differences between your two and to make the appropriate adjustments.


  • With all the presumed revenue figures, the whole revenue was estimated being Rs. 1 . 13 crores for the FY 2018-2019.
  • The money margin was estimated to get 33%.
  • The break-even point (users) was estimated to be 171 students.
  • The break-even sales was estimated being Rs. 75. 8 lakhs.

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