Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Big Family Essay


At present more and more people tend to have only one child or to not have children at all. The reasons are different: a lot of them want to have more hours to themselves, some want to get to the leading in their job and some simply don’t want such a huge responsibility.

Possibly big or small people have their benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of which. To begin with, children from bigger families are definitely more sociable while the only child in the relatives may be a little bit too shy.

It is said, that children who haven’t got any kind of siblings and get a large amount of love and attention in the parents, begin taking everything for granted and become rotten. I think, this will depend not around the size of the family, but on father and mother and the method they are taking their child up. And on the other side, in larger families parents may get their ‘favourites’ and love them more than others.

It really is completely wrong and might leave some of the siblings unfortunate and unhappy. Also, the greater children individuals have, the harder it may be to provide them with food, clothes, education and other required things. For me personally, the option of creating a big family is unacceptable. Actually one kid seems to be too much.

I’m almost mature and I don’t think I at any time will be, and I realize exactly what a huge responsibility the relatives bond is, so I won’t decide to possess a child till there is still even the smallest shadow of your doubt. Also, I can’t imagine taking care of someone other than myself and how I’m going to sacrifice all my freetime and interests, and hobbies, and lifestyle in the interest of constant cooking, clothes cleansing and room cleaning. And no matter how various advantages a major family provides, I’m never going to change my thoughts.

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