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1 ) What does the identity WebDesPix Limited tell you about the ownership with the company?

It tells us that it is private limited company, this means that it is in the private sector and it must have the albhabets , Ltd’ after thier name. The main popular features of a private limited company consist of:

* It truly is owned by the shareholders.

* It truly is controlled by the plank of administrators.

* It truly is managed simply by appointed managers.

* Financial can be received by asking for from banks or advertising shares.

* The profits go to the shareholders from the company, by means of dividends.

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2 . Offer (2 or more) main reasons why they may are determined on this kind of company?

This type of business is more expensive to build than a singular trader or a partnership, however:

* That carries less financial risk for the owners as they include limited the liability, which means that in case the company should go bust, they will only reduce the amount of money that they can invested in the organization and not their personal assets.

* Limited companies are likewise incorporated which means that the company has a separate legal identity from the owners. Meaning it is the firm that can be sued or drag into court, not the owners.

5. It also shows the company better continuity since its lifestyle is not really ended by death or perhaps retirement of its owners.

3. Ben and Dee are investors. What does this mean?

5. It means that Tom and Dee are definitely the people who invest money in the firm by buying shares, and are therefore called shareholders. It also means that they are the owners of the firm.

* By buying shares inside the company Tom and Dee are entitled to a share with the profits referred to as dividend. How much dividend a shareholder receives depends on just how well the corporation is doing, the type of discuss they personal, and the quantity of shares they own.

* This also means that as they are shareholders they can elect visitors to the panel of company directors to represent their very own interest and become responsible for the future strategy with the company. The directors will appoint managers to be in charge of the everyday running with the company. As well, some managers may also be company directors and are referred to as executive directors. In a non-public limited business the major investors, board of directors and managers might all be similar people.

5. They have a great overdraft facility. Explain how an overdraft works and say what they might make use of if pertaining to.

An overdraft is when a business attracts more money from its bank account than it presently has in the account. It has permission through the bank, which will sets an agreed limit called a great overdraft limit.

Interest is payable on the overdraft and this is usually calculated on a regular basis. An advantage associated with an overdraft is the fact money is only borrowed as needed, this means that fascination is only paid out when the banking account is overdrawn.

The big disadvantage about an overdraft is usually that the bank can insist it is repaid right away.

However , because of its flexibility an overdraft is just about the most frequently employed way to resolve a cashflow problem.

The table shows the advantages and disadvantages of overdrafts:

Advantages of overdrafts

Disadvantages of overdrafts

Flexibility-can change the amount borrowed inside limits.

Can not be used for huge borrowing.

Fascination is only paid out on quantities borrowed.

Interest rates higher than financial loans.

Bank can alter limit without notice or look for money being paid earlier than expected.

Used for anything pay, computer maintenance etc

a few. List four products the corporation offers.

2. Web design continues to be the key business from the company, nevertheless new companies are also offered.

* Electronic newsletters.

* Domain registrations.

* Hosting and search engine9419.

* The organization offers 3 standard web site design packages, this is

-budget by �800

-professional at �1000

-and executive at �1500

Each bundle provides a number of web pages, email-based facilities as well as the cost of hosting the site.

2. WDP (WebDesPix Ltd) offer a quotation to clients who require unique packages (a quotation is merely an estimated price for task or service).

6. All of their products will be marketed online. Explain 3 advantages of this when compared to selling from a store on the high-street.

Firstly, exchanging products on the net is called e-commerce. The advantages of this include:

* Websites may be used to reach larger markets, this means that the internet offers additional marketing possibilities.

* The internet can be utilized all over the world-this makes it possible to goal potential customers in foreign countries.

* A firm can place marketing materials on its own internet site, or it may pay to promote on different websites.

* A good site can really help a firm’s competition and boost its market share.

* Organizations can industry and sell goods through their website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (’24/7, ).

* By using the strategy of marketing and selling ’24/7, it might give web commerce firms an edge over the classic 9-5 businesses, as buyers can shop at home, each time which is near them.

7. The company desires to build up their brand name. List 3 features of having a strong brand name.

5. Businesses will certainly hope that this leads to brand loyalty, wherever customers will repeat-buy because they prefer the look, flavor, quality or perhaps image of many.

* If the company’s identity becomes proven with one product, it could encourage customers to buy several products bearing that identity.

* Consumers can be moderately sure regarding the quality they are going to get with branded goods.

8. Exactly what are overheads?

Expenses (also known as fixed costs or roundabout costs) happen to be costs that do not effectively change whether the business creates lots of products, or produces no merchandise at all. They are costs which still have to get paid, regardless of output. For instance , the hire on a shop will have to be paid, whether or not the shop has virtually any customers. Types of overheads happen to be:

-interest payment on financial loans.

-managers’ salaries.

, Rates payable towards the local council.

-rent of building.



-telephone costs

-administration costs

, and advertising

9. Explain why the company provides relatively small overheads.

The organization has comparatively small expenses because it is time intensive.

* It forms and updates its own personal computers.

* Vacancies are just advertised on the company’s website including regular network meetings to businesses in the Bristol region.

10. List 2 elements which inspired the company to find in Bristol.

* That they could have manage the company via anywhere in Great britain, but as these people were all coming from different parts of the country it was easier to locate in Bristol in which they had every studied (it was even more convenient).

5. Bristol can be described as large metropolis with very good infrastructure, therefore transport is usually not a problem.

5. There is a college or university in Bristol, so the organization is near to an educated operating force.

10. List several nonfinancial perimeter benefits open to the employees.

* Free lunch time each Fri.

* Conditions Wii during their breaks.

* Free medical insurance after 6 months employment.

doze. Give a couple of reasons why the business gives perimeter benefits.

2. To inspire their staff so that they think valued by the company and are therefore more productive as well.

* Will help attract and retain better qualified staff.

* Enhances efficiency and productivity while employees are assured of security for themselves (as very well as their families).

13. Several employees obtain a monthly bonus based on yield. Explain benefit.

Full-time personnel receive a month-to-month bonus based upon turnover. An added bonus is a monetary reward. It might be paid within just both the period rate and piece rate systems. Underneath the time level system, an added bonus is paid out if the employees reach all their production focuses on, which could become hourly, daily or every week targets.

18. Explain 1 advantage of supplying these staff a bonus.

-this encourages staff to am employed at their optimum output, therefore overcome the problem of the not enough incentive. In addition, it increases the production, efficiency and motivation of employees, which might also increase their particular happiness.

15. Give one drawback to giving them an added bonus.

The disadvantage is usually that the employees anticipate a bonus and moral drops sharply if the bonus is usually not paid.

16. The two sales co-workers receive commission rate in addition with their salary. Make clear commission.

Commission payment is a financial incentive the fact that company may offer in addition with their basic shell out. It is a repayment to people who also are employed in selling the products or perhaps services of the business.

seventeen. Explain one advantage of giving these staff commission.

This technique ensures that employees have to continue to work hard to generate their spend, but if they are really successful, all their earnings can be unlimited.

18. Give one drawback to giving them commission rate.

If they will fail to meet the required turnover or product sales figures, that they receive not any commission.

19. List a couple of advantages of using email.

* It is fast and simple to send e-mails, as it permits communication easily over a quantity of sites.

2. People can keep in touch extremely easily-as various messages may be sent.

* Messages can be keyed-in and stored until they are necessary.

* One particular email can be sent to a variety of people simultaneously.

* They can be very hassle-free, as multiple attachments can be sent.

2. It is better to refer to emails instead of looking through different bits of paper.

20. Explain why the company might use online video conferencing.

Video conferencing can be fast becoming increasingly more popular with businesses. It consists of using computer system links and closed-circuit tv set, allowing people to hear and discover each other.

The advantages include:

* Saves persons travelling to gatherings.

* Large savings then can be made in conditions of time and cost.

2. Face-to-face communication is possible instead of using cell phone or letter.

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