Employee Motivation at FMC Green River and Other Organizations Essay


Company behavior theories are seen to differ in regards to what motivates employees, not because the essential features of all staff are diverse across agencies and companies. Rather, the motivational requires of staff differ from corporation to business because separate work conditions, ethics and settings, in addition to their discussion with person personalities, teams, and managements call for different employee must be prioritized.

Employee motivation is actually referred to as an organizational solution to satisfy workers in areas where they feel unsatisfied. While poor health and safety circumstances might be the Number One challenge to encounter in Organization ABC, it will be possible that the staff of FMC Green River would be even more motivated by simply higher salaries. Moreover, the employees of FMC Green Water may hold a ordinaire opinion that their operating conditions are the best in the industry.

Consequently, the supervision of FMC Green Water would not be as centered on improving health and safety circumstances as Business ABC ought to be. Given that work performance can be described as function of ability and motivation, it is appropriate to inquire in to the specific needs of the employees in order to utilize the correct mixture of employee motivation strategies to boost job overall performance, company-wide (Employee Motivation, 2007). For example, the employees from the Piketon Research and Extendable Center and Enterprise Centre were asked about the main encouraging factors for their particular office.

According to the study findings, employees believed themselves to be enthusiastic by the pursuing, in the purchase of importance: a) interesting function, (b) great wages, (c) full understanding of work done, (d) work security, (e) good operating conditions, (f) promotions and growth in the organization, (g) feeling of getting in in things, (h) personal loyalty to employees, (i) tasteful discipline, and (j) sympathetic help with personal problems (Lindner, 1998). Contrary to these findings, a peer reviewed research on worker motivation identified that most employees across various organizations consider the following to be the chief motivators at the work environment: enjoyment of the work; work/life balance; pay satisfaction; hyperlink between shell out and performance; and adequate staffing levels (Katcher).

Thus, it appears necessary to increase worker motivation simply after searching into the main motivators within a specific business. Also in a single business, the blue collar staff are expected to get more encouraged by a rise in pay, while the white training collar employees may believe that enjoyment of work much more important. In this case, the organization will have to divide up it is employees in two independent groups to inquire in to the particular motivators for the blue scruff of the neck workers as opposed to the white collar employees.

It is far better, therefore , to get employee determination strategies to be based on group by group studies, even though organizations can also apply the rule of generalization. For the reason that event, Organization ABC will believe that it might effectively make use of the motivators of FMC Green River’s staff to improve the job performance of its own personnel.

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