World War I Causes and Outcomes Essay

What causes World War I included a growing charge of militarism, which was combined with an hands race. Likewise imperialism, since economics and fighting intended for colonies among the list of European countries were prevalent. Alliances like the Triple Cha?non and The Multiple Entente likewise started the war along side nationalism. The consequence of the war included almost 8. 5 , 000, 000 deaths simply from troops, 16. one particular million as a whole, higher income taxes, rationing of food and also other products, a propaganda battle, and starvation.

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Germany was blamed pertaining to the war so they will owed huge amount of money in reparations to many several countries therefore Germany was required to skyrocket their particular taxes and began a famine. In person, I believe that World War I could have already been prevented whether it weren’t for several actions. For instance , if Austria-Hungary had discussed seriously with Serbia in July 1914, war could have been avoided. Yet , Germany egged Austria-Hungary onto be entirely unreasonable.

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It turned out to be the consequence of a hundred small pressures every building up till it just exploded. Also, if this weren’t intended for the three units it could possess possibly recently been avoided. We would say that Community War I used to be justified in the fact that Germany was looking to take over Europe in a very poor and aggressive way thus they had to get stopped. It’s hard to say that a war that caused millions of fatalities was justice but when you contemplate it, they had no right to take control Europe and would’ve harm and killed many harmless civilians along the way.

Germany wound up paying their very own debt for the war simply by owing reparations and cash so in another sense it was justified.

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