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One area of sports that is worth matter is the influences of men and masculinities on ladies in sporting activities. Many women may possibly look up to men sports superstars and want to end up like them. Nevertheless , male players may include at least some impact on and habits that are not therefore socially suitable. Another author has examined male sporting activities and the link between aggression and some types of aggressive sports, such as football. Her findings suggest than these kinds of aggressive sports activities can be dangerous to girls. The researcher writes, “In an observational study of male sportsmen in college bars, Curry found the masculine ideology enforced inside the locker place often taken over into aggressive and risky behavior in interpersonal settings” (Gage, 2008, g. 1016). These kinds of athletes may become violent or aggressive toward women, specifically their times, and they may well carry this violence into their relationships later on, with their families and kids, as well. As most sportscasters are also male, they dominate how the browsing public sees female (and male) players. They may allow their biases to come out, deliberately or certainly not, giving prejudice to the way the public views and thinks about female players, especially in option sports just like weight lifting, a lot of track occasions, and other more assertive sports activities that require larger, more muscular bodies.

To conclude, while women have made great strides in sporting activities, they have a long way to travel. Women tend not to play in professional sporting activities nearly as much as men do, and they will not receive the unreasonable salaries which may have become the norm in specialist sports. For this reason, women sportsmen rarely gain the same attention and prestige that males athletes get pleasure from. Some ladies do become well-known, including the Williams siblings, but typically that is because they are really exceptional sisters and sports athletes, which makes all of them noteworthy. An excellent example of this is certainly Natalie Coughlin, an Olympic swimmer who have won five medals in the 2004 Olympics and half a dozen at the recent Beijing Olympics, and yet, her accomplishments had been totally outweighed by Jordan Phelps and his string of Gold Medals. Phelps fulfillment was enormous, but Coughlin’s was really impressive too, and the lady did not acquire nearly the media focus and future product endorsements and popularity that Phelps has liked after the video games. This indicates the gap between men and women in athletics today, and how far women have to go to gain true equality with male athletes.


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