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Part 1:

After looking at the life of Winnie Mandela I have seen five styles of multiculturalism. The first theme I recently came across was personality. Winnie a new very strict upbringing with a father who was disappointed your woman was not created a boy. The lady tried to persuade him her entire kid hood that she was worthy and capable of getting him pleased. She started to be one of the best adhere fighters around, despite the fact that the girl was female in order to gain acknowledgement of him.

The second was culture, she gave up the opportunity to study in the us in order to remain in South Africa where she sensed more necessary. She planned to stick by her spouse through his imprisonment to keep fighting intended for the freedom of their culture. Winnie raised twins while her husband was imprisoned and still lead the region through mindset speeches and helping to aid the unwell. Third was diversity, your woman faced continuous harassment by the security authorities, banishment into a small totally free town, unfaithfulness by close friends and allies, and more when compared to a year in solitary confinement.

Even though times were hard Winnie tried to keep her sanity whilst in simple by nourishing and discussing with ants like they were people. When only in solo she exemplified the only way of diversity the girl knew how you can by sharing pieces of bread with the ants. Fourth, following her release, she carries on her partner’s activism and after his release from penitentiary, suffers divorce due to her infidelity and political demands.

Madela inhibited her about sleeping with another gentleman and Winnie was appaled by his questioning. After being a regular wife since it was founded two decades ago of imprisonment she was in disbelief. Finally, she experienced accusations of violence and murder and in the end, need to own up to her actions in court, while many still remain loyal with her because of her fight against apartheid. Mandela remarried yet Winnie did not. It is my belief that Winnie can be suffering from profound depression. Towards end in the film Winnie was consuming heavily, crying a lot, and seemed to feel worthless. Your woman was being blamed for murder and most of her supporters had flipped against her because your woman was being offender of murder, which is some thing they did not condone. The girl was showing signs of becoming easily irritated, angry episode, and anxiety. In order to reduce Winnie’s complications I would initially establish a relying relationship among us in order that she would feel comfortable with me. Following, I would ask her regarding her childhood up until present day to figure out what type of culturalbackground this wounderful woman has. Then I could have her list all of the issues positive and negative in her your life to help her see that there exists still grounds for happiness. Next, I might give her suggestions to aid her conquer depression himself step by step to ensure her to see that the stage she is in is only short-term.

Part 2:

The name of the customer I would like to provide treatment for is Winnie Mandela. Winnie Madikizela was developed on Sept. 2010 26, 1936, in Bizana, a country village inside the Transkei region of S. africa. Winnie moved to Johannesburg in 1953 to study at the By Hofmeyr Institution of Sociable Work. S. africa was under the system known as apartheid, exactly where citizens of African descent were afflicted by a system through which European rejeton enjoyed greater levels of wealth, health and sociable freedom. Winnie completed her studies and, though getting a scholarship to analyze in America, made the decision instead to work as the first black medical sociable worker at Baragwanath Medical center in Johannesburg. She discovered her field work of the deplorable state that many of her patients occupied. In the core 1950s, Winnie met attorney Nelson Mandela, who, during the time, was innovator of the Africa National Congress, an organization with all the goal of ending Southern region Africa’s apartheid system of ethnic segregation. Both married in June 1958, despite problems from Winnie’s father over the couple’s grow older difference and Mandela’s politics involvements. Following your wedding, Winnie moved into Mandela’s home in Soweto.

Busted for his activities and targeted by the government during his beginning of marital life. He was at some point sentenced in 1964 alive imprisonment, departing Winnie Mandela to raise all their two small daughters. Watched by the authorities, Winnie Mandela was imprisoned under the Suppression of Terrorism Act and spent up to two years in simple confinement, exactly where she was tortured. After her relieve, she extended her activism and was jailed a lot of more occasions. Then hundreds of students were killed, the lady was forced by the authorities to relocate and placed under house police arrest. She extended to speak on black South African economic might as well as its ability to overturn the system. Winnie was accused of advertising deadly assault when a youthful boy from her group was killed by the crew she was required to protect her. Later, following her husband was released by prison he divorced her and remarried. Winnie by no means remarried but was later chosen president ofthe women’s group. Winnie was dealing with large levels or stress throughout her existence. Trying to gain acceptance via her dad at a young age, police raiding her house, her husband getting imprisoned to get twenty-seven years, raising twins on her personal, being moitored by the federal government, solitary for more than a year, continuing activism, and being offender of murder.

In order for her to reduced some of the pressure I recommend that she determines the true types of stress, seem closely for her behaviors, attitude, and excuses by looking into making a stress journal. A stress diary can determine the regular causes in life as well as the way you deal with them. Each time she gets stressed, I would like for her to read it in the journal. While she keeps a daily record, she will continue to see patterns and common themes. I would really prefer for her to jot down: What triggered the stress, just how she sensed, both literally and psychologically, how your woman acted in answer, and what she would to make herself feel better. After that, I would provide tips about the four A’s of how in order to avoid the stressor, adapt to the stressor, recognize the stressor, and continuing to move forward after the stressor. Healthy ways to recharge by stress is always to go for a walk, call a good friend, spend more time with nature, require a long bathtub, listen to music, or getting a massage.


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