Money Over Power Beyond its Fate Essay


Money is the reason behind all nasty.

It is the best thing in the world besides love. At times money may ruin like in a friendship, relationship, or much worse family. Funds can even decide the fate of a human’s life. “There is so much about my own fate i cannot control, but other items do come under the legislation.

I can decide how I use my period, whom I actually interact with, to whom I reveal my body and life and money and energy with. I can select what I can read and consume and study. I can choose how I’m going to respect unfortunate situations in my life-whether I will see them while curses or perhaps opportunities. I can choose my words plus the tone of voice in which I converse with others. And most of all, I am able to choose my own thoughts. ” (Elizabeth Gilbert).

In the film, “No Nation for Old Men, ” A character by the name of, Llewelyn Moss, is caught in the cross fires of money, his actions, his thoughts, and a lot of all his own fate. Throughout the film he is within a constant rat race with a gentleman who passes by the name of, Anton Chigurh, who may be a hit person that was hired to have the money that moss got stumbled upon and taken. Ofcourse Moss did not have to take this kind of money and if he didn’t he wouldn’t be coping with money, electrical power, or the very predetermined fate of himself throughout the movie. Chigur likewise acts an officer of fate getting back together his very own rules as he sees suit.

Although Moss’s character might represent free of charge will this individual also signifies the fate that people make on their existence after making one poor decision. Besides this money ruin the fate of moss but it always toys with the destiny of Moss’s wife, the master of the gas station, as well as the children who had been paid off to hold quiet. Several may say that it is not money that is the root of all wicked but it is usually power.

Thus does money and electrical power go hand in hand? With money you have the strength to control what ever you wish, and with the most power you will get fear in others along with continue to gain money from those who fear you. In “No Region for Older men” there exists a constant challenge between the electric power money retains on oneself as well as the destiny of a lifestyle through cash. The first time money determines a person’s fortune is during the coin switch at the gas station. When Chigurh understands that the guy working with the counter understands where he is usually from, this individual now becomes a witness of who Chigurh is and where he might be from.

Could be if the person would have only been quiet in the first place instead of trying to make use of the small talk and be friendly Chigurh may have never have to have the considered killing the person in the first place. Nevertheless because the gentleman is the person he is and simply wanted to help “time pass” it ripped a ignite and brought the whole conversation in another path. Chigurh then begins to problem the man. What time will you close? Do you really stay out back?

What period do you get to sleep? The Owner knew he was in a few type of trouble and quickly tries to hurry the man away of his store so that he can reach some form of safe region between him and Chigurh. The chat continues and that’s in order to starts to obtain a little interesting. Chigurh discovers that the man was married into the business. He didn’t want it neither did this individual save his earnings but fate brought him to that particular gas train station and Fate would decide his lifestyle in a coin toss. “It is interesting, however , to make note of the way Chigurh and the Manager discuss the stakes with the game.

The Proprietor is no doubt conscious of the danger he’s in, but is cautiously trying to determine the nature of the risk. They the two avoid discussing the buy-ins of the game directly — the Proprietor, because if he says that, it might happen; Chigurh, because he considers himself an agent of Fate. Discussing it straight would make him responsible, and he’s not; the bad swirling through the film is usually bigger than this one man” (goodreasonblog. blogspot. com).

Destiny had enjoyed a life saving part in this man’s life but so did money. The flip the coin might determine his fate and that is when we right back on the subject of how which played out a bigger position? The endroit had all of the power, even though it was musical instrument of the destiny the man could determine on his own it still had the strength. So can we really admit his destiny was the purpose this man is still surviving? In the owners good graces he gained the endroit coin turn and his life was spared.

But what in the event he had misplaced that endroit flip? Do you really think Chigurgh would have wiped out an harmless man because he discovered where he was from? Very well that question could have been answered at the end with the movie when Chigurgh is found at Moss’s wife, Carla Jean’s, residence. Carla Jean finds their self seated throughout from the emotionless Chigurh.

Chigurh had guaranteed Moss that he would enable Carla Blue jean to live in case the money was returned to Chigurh. He assures Moss that it is the best package he provides. Moss may have died either way but Chigurh promises Moss that he would not damage his wife as long as Moss listened to him.

But of course identifying the fate of himself and his wife Moss decides not to tune in to Chigurhs requests. It is really heartbreaking at this point inside the movie because we all know Carla Jean will probably die. The power money has on a person is quite disgusting through this movie since we see that Moss really chose his money over his better half. Chigurh tells Carla Jean that Tree could have saved her nevertheless the power of cash had taken over Moss’s mind and moss made a decision on their behalf both to suffer. “You don’t must do this” Carla jean explains to Chigurh. Chigurh then selects to offer her the same gold coin flip choice that he previously previously provided the blessed old man at the gas train station.

Unlike this man, Carla Jean refuses to call it the moment asked, actually after the endroit had been turned and was just waiting around to be named “The endroit don’t do not say in it – it’s just you. ” Chigurh again points out that he “got here the same way as the coin would. ” Fortune brought him to her house because of her husband as well as the power of cash is what would kill Carl Jean ultimately. Not only doe Chigurh make an effort determining the fate of others, He as well tries to determine the fortune of himself. At the end with the movie once Chigurh is definitely hit he pays boys to keep calm and act like nothing at any time happened. So why would Chigurh do this? He is using his money to determine his destiny.

Chigurh knows that the lower his profile the less probabilities he will have got of getting found and going to prison to get the illegitimate activity this individual has had occurring. All in all non-e of these people had to do what they did to you. These were the choices they made and because of this, fate had a new angle on their your life. Moss did not have to grab the money although he knew with more cash came the happiness him and his partner had been working for.

Maybe he did it away of love or perhaps he was just being money grubbing we can never really know. Even Chigurh had the selection to not get rid of all those people because of Tree. All of those people that had passed away was a established fate that was out of their control. Fate, with this movie, naturally came in multiple sub category. The money intended power and the power managed ones fate. “Every instant in your a lot more a turning and every one a selecting.

Somewhere you made an option. All used to this. The accounting is definitely scrupulous. The design is driven. No line can be removed.

I had simply no belief within your ability to approach a endroit to your bidding process. How could you? A person’s path through the universe seldom improvements and even more almost never will it modify abruptly. And the shape of your path was noticeable from the beginning. ” (coen 259) http://goodreasonblog.blogspot.com/2010/01/no-country-for-old-men-coin-toss-scene.html http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/fate

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