The subsequent case involved Gene Elliot who was employed for Mabey Link and Banks. Mabey Connect and Shore was a small enterprise that leased temporary metallic pedestrian links to other companies. In this particular case, Mabey Bridge and Shore hired a pedestrian bridge to Turner Building.

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Turner Development decided it turned out necessary to make use of a subcontractor to truly perform the task, and this is usually where a business by the name of B&C Steel occured. Apart from renting a bridge, Turner Building also rented the services of Gene Elliot, an employee of Mabey Bridge and Shore, to oversee that B&C Steel performed the task satisfactorily below OSHA standards and basic safety methods for this type of work. I will attempt to make clear why I believe Turner Development is responsible for the injuries that Gene Elliot received during the job. Honest Point of View According to Velazquez (2010), Each year more than 4, 500 workers happen to be killed and 3, 1000, 000 happen to be seriously injured (killed or perhaps disabled) while on the job (p. 418).

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Velazquez (2010), also remarks that risk, unfortunately, is usually unavoidable in several occupations. There are rules and regulations in play to shield employers/employees should an injury result due to job related instances. In this particular situation, B&C Steel had not followed the appropriate procedures to make sure that the highest standard of safety was practiced. Inside the very beginning the warning signs could be seen the moment B&C Metallic had not effectively checked their route, and the truck strike a electrical power line triggering a fire.

When it came moment for the actual installing of the pedestrian bridge, B&C Steel workers neglected to admit an all-stop OSHA transmission made by Gene Elliott. Gene Elliott seen safety problems that would include resulted in the bridge stopping in inability. Not only would the bridge collapse, Gene Elliott fell along with it. Because of this factor, Gene Elliott endured multiple long term injuries.

You can easily point the finger and blame on another. This is exactly what Turner Construction and B&C Steel were aiming to do. No-one wanted to acknowledge blame for the situation on hand.

From an moral standpoint, In my opinion it was the moral responsibility of Turner Construction to accept responsibility for what had happened. According to Velazquez (2010), A person or in cases like this organization, is definitely morally responsible if an harm occurred because it could have been prevented (p. 58).

Another aspect to take into consideration, is the concept of lack of knowledge. Through ignorance, moral responsibility can be limited. It can be said (as in case reviewed), which the companies ought not to be held responsible for matters away of their control. I personally could argue this kind of as deliberate ignorance, in which the text clearly states that negligent or perhaps deliberate ignorance can be manipulated. This in turn leads to the company nonetheless considered to be dependable.

Velazquez (2010) states, However, to the magnitude that our lack of knowledge of moral requirements is the consequence of freely deciding on not to discover what these types of standards will be, we are in charge of our ignorance and for it is wrongful or perhaps injurious consequences (p. 59). Section almost 8. 41. 401 of the The state of colorado Worker’s Payment Act claims, The organization hiring your work to the lessee, sub-lessee, contractor or subcontractor will probably be construed to become an employer and injury or perhaps death of an employee becomes their liability.

This affirmation alone prospects me to think that Turner Construction must be held since the liable party intended for the injuries incurred by Gene Elliott. Turner Structure alone resolved to use a subcontractor (B&C Steel), to perform the effort needed for the completion of the pedestrian connection. I believe that Gene Elliott was just doing his job to guarantee the safety coming from all parties engaged as specified by OSHA. Turner Structure can believe Gene Elliott was not formally an employee of their business, but I do believe there is certainly room to get dispute about that subject based on the law.

Conclusion All in all, Mabey Ridge made a contract with Turner Construction. Turner Construction made a decision to use a subcontractor, B&C Stainlesss steel, to perform the work that they had been assigned to complete. From the moment Turner Development decided to make use of a subcontractor, In my opinion it was their particular responsibility to ensure all safety procedures/protocols were followed by B&C Steel to ensure the successful completion of the bridge.

Due to the fact that employees of B&C Steel chose to make their particular rules, a great innocent person trying to do his task got harmed. The injuries were long lasting, and I believe this resulted through no fault of his own. Mr. Elliott experienced a probably fatal circumstance, and applied the OSHA protocol to try to fix the case. References Velasquez, M. G. (2012).

Business ethics: Concepts and situations (7th education. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

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