The Catholic Chapel responded to the challenges posed by the Lutheran Reformation. The Council of Trent was created in order to change the Catholic Cathedral. The concepts of the Lutheran reformation had been becoming popular and therefore, the Catholic Cathedral had misplaced many enthusiasts. The Authorities of Trent began the Catholic reformation by abolishing the problem of the Catholic Church.

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In addition , the Council wanted to avoid the growth of Protestantism and prove the values of Catholicism. The Council of Trent was the key response to are at odds of the Lutheran Reformation. Catholic authorities eliminated corruption inside the church. For instance , absenteeism, simony, pluralism, and the selling of indulgences, were abolished.

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Bishops were unable to practice absenteeism or pluralism. They were not able to hold several church workplace at a time nor were they will able to be lack of from the spiritual duties in the position that they held. Furthermore, simony was not a longer suffered.

People were no longer able to purchase church offices. In addition , the Catholic Church concluded the offering of bienveillances. The life from the priest was changed.

Seminaries were made to coach priests and ensure they were literate. Priests were forced to stay celibate and live life in poverty. Catholic authorities had been forced to act and helped bring much change to the Catholic Church. Catholic authorities began affirming the beliefs of Catholicism. Specialists stated beliefs and great works had been necessary in order to achieve salvation.

They had also stated they believed in transubstantiation, where the breads and wines would turn into the body and blood of Christ during consecration. Catholic authorities acquired acknowledged the 7 sacraments and Suggestions such as monasticism, celibacy with the clergy, and purgatory. The Pope’s teachings were infallible and the Pope continued to interpret bible verses for the people. Reaffirming Catholic beliefs was an important process because it allowed people to see the difference between Protestant and Catholic theology. Catholic regulators would also check the regarding Protestantism.

The Catholic Cathedral began censoring books that contained Simple thoughts and ideas. People can be severely reprimanded if they possessed a censored book. Moreover, catholic authorities limited the creating press because it was able to spread Protestant concepts.

In addition , catholic authorities started out the Roman Inquisition mainly because they wanted to end heresy against the Catholic Church. Ignatius Loyola could create the society of Jesuits. The Jesuits started out educating fresh Europeans regarding Catholicism and opened educational institutions. The Jesuits were able to limit the distributed of Protestantism by taking Catholicism among European people.

The Ursuline order of nuns got set up schools for girls and wanted to not in favor of heresy through education. Furthermore, baroque skill, had as well limited Protestantism. Baroque skill would incorporate religious topics that experienced emotional engagement and helped bring people closer to god.

Actions taken by the Catholic Cathedral were able to limit the growth of Protestantism.

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