Advantage of cloud computing and example essay

Impair computing delivers many different business benefits to business that choose to use for the services. First benefit that the cloud computer offers is definitely the ability to spend the money for service, impair computing is extremely financially affordable for business. Making use of the service of cloud processing, business can save money, able to avoid taxing-in-house systems needlessly. Refer to the example from this case, Amazon . com, cloud computer is the biggest payer, only charges organization charges businesses for what each uses. Cloud business will charge monthly payment or yearly repayment, this will challenging to some businesses because they how to start whether the support will fulfill for the organization or not really.


Cloud computer is an affordable service intended for large and small businesses. And cloud computing offer from financial standpoint, that organization can use Amazon’s IT system and pay a reduced amount of instead of creating their own THAT infrastructure. Moreover, the benefits of cloud computing is usually improve business in the new way, adaptable computing power and info storage, offer data management.

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Zynga uses these rewards to maximize all their experience with all their usage of cloud computing, this provider is applying Amazon Web Services (AWS). When Zynga release new games, that they don’t know what amount of computing resource to allocate to the online games. If that they using impair computing (Amazon cloud computing) it will benefits to them because whether their game titles will be popular or not, it will help them to save money. Just in case their game titles are popular, they can push it to the company’s individual private impair computing (zCloud). The problem that they can solve:

In such a case Zynga is using Amazon online marketplace Web Providers (AWS) to fix by relieve their fresh games to Amazon Internet Services (AWS) cloud. This helps Zynga to improve their efficiency and can preserve the money in the long run. Secondly, it could solve the situation about capability of advertising and marketing; to release a discount promotion. Example from this example, Outback steakhouse wasn’t sure how well-liked an upcoming promotion promotion would be, so the firm use Microsoft’s Azure impair to release promotion. Inter Thirdly, InterContinential Hotels offers revamped the infrastructure to add bothprivate and public cloud usage to enhance response moment for customers, so customers should receive data quicker if the data are located on the server. Last but not least, IBM, Cisco and other traditional data centre giants realize that cloud computing is threat to their technology infrastructure business, the solution should be to rising processing costs, they’ve been steering their customers toward virtualization software, that enables them to manage many more applications on each specific server that they buy.


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