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According to Payne (2013), “If you are able to change the past, then it will take an act on a far much larger scale than simply existing or perhaps stepping by using an insect to generate any big difference, ” this kind of how the phrase continuum is treated for most of popular culture where it acts since the concept of period under the name “space-time continuum”. Which means that the entier, in this case, identifies timelines and how their facts can be improved. It becomes a serious plot device in the tv series, “The Flash” where the major timeline adjustments brought about by meddling with the procession is known as the “Flashpoint Paradox” (McCabe, 2016) or in cult typical films including “Back to the Future” in which the space-time procession is a frequent topic involving the main heroes, Doc Brownish and Marty. He characterizes the space-time continuum being a natural phenomenon that has the strength to alter past and present realities when tampered with (Russon, 2015). In actuality, the idea that the space-time continuum problems time travelling and its effects is phony.

On the other hand, the true definition of the space-time continuum can be linked to Einstein’s theory of general relativity as the curvature or perhaps platform in which all things in space and time take place (Russon, 2015). If this kind of misconceptions already exist due to the scientific explanation alone, that which definitions might have been overlooked? There are other more uncommon meanings of the phrase continuum from three different academic exercises namely its lexical, statistical and emotional definitions. “Something that within “quality” gradually or in very small stages without the clear dividing points, ” (Cambridge Dictionary, n. m. ). In simpler terms, a continuum is something that continuously changes beginning from a certain point. Continuums may be observed in all aspects of life such as in the continuum of Philippine background, specifically courtship. Filipinos happen to be known all over the world as the “chameleons” (Chua, 2018) as a result of settling of different nationalities about Philippine garden soil and affecting the life-style of the Filipinos, diluting the cultures with their past yet also merging it using their already existing culture and way of living (Ethnic Organizations Philippines, 2016).

These types of changes are not abrupt yet were instead a progressive transformation that started with what the majority of the natives’ decide to gradually incorporate and blend with the own procedures. In earlier times, courtship inside the Philippines used to be a taboo topic where lovers may not be allowed to be seen out together except if they were hitched (Mahusay Peregrino, 2015) and were appeared down after if any public exhibits of passion were demonstrated. According to Kevin (n. d. ), this is due to the Philippine culture assuming that they are other ways that affection can be stated, privately, involving the only a couple who are meant to be involved. The standard Filipina can be secretive about any thoughts toward a suitor and have absolutely utmost restraint, no matter how solid her thoughts were (Villanueva-Lykes, 2013). It was a normal tradition to get gentlemen to seek the approval of any woman’s parents before any further advancements would have been to happen.

As time passed, public displays of affection were slowly accepted into the Philippine culture, because of interracial relationships that came with globalization. Based on an analysis by Mahusay and Peregrino (2015), courtship started to tools meant to more around the liberalism of Filipino junior, giving them the liberty to express their very own feelings in the way they deem appropriate. It became common to see couples out on schedules and possessing hands. The approval to go after a lady came from the woman herself and expression of thoughts started to be encouraged. These changes in culture would not occur right away but was rather a continuous development that happened little by little, but surely, over time. Recent years presented new types of courting together with the advancement of technology, such as online dating (Holman, 2013). Lgbt relationships that started out under radars are actually widely acknowledged and acknowledged. There is no crystal clear division during these transitions, but these small changes, when added together, makes a vast big difference from when ever only guys were to the courtroom ladies acting bashfully to dating someone from halfway across the world. It is going to continue on to deliberately change and enhance without anyone learning where the extreme end could possibly be, thus, a continuum. The word continuum contains a more specific classification in the field of math concepts. It is “a continuous program or selection of adjacent factors that do certainly not vary from one another in any designated degree, although the endpoints in the system can vary differently, inch (Rouse, 2016).

A continuum can be compared to a sequence to make simpler the concept. In accordance to a web page named Mathigon (n. m. ), a sequence is a thread of items that follow a set pattern, much like natural or perhaps counting quantities whose principles differ simply by one. In a continuum, individuals objects may also be referred to as the elements of the sequence. In fact, the continuum represents a foundational principle in math though most are not aware of computer. According to Feferman (n. d. ), “On the contrary, with a kind of miracle of synergy, [real number system] L has demonstrated to serve together with the [counting numbers] natural numbers [represented by] In as one of the two core constructions of mathematics, together they are the sine qua non of your subject, both equally pure and applied”. The reason is , the pair of real quantities can be considered as a continuum. The set of every real numbers in a number line can be considered as a continuum, as each value differs minimally and only embrace set amounts and each value corresponds one-to-one with a stage on the number line. Which means that a set of actual numbers depends on one (1) then carries on on to two (2), after that three (3), and so on.

Another attribute of a entier is that the extremes, or the elements opposite each other inside the sequence just like positive and negative infinitude, infiniteness, have an important difference. Within a set of real numbers which has a starting worth of one (1), the very first number has a large difference when compared to positive infinity since a couple of real numbers will keep upon increasing regularly at that goes on. One of the most uncommon uses of the term continuum is when it is linked to the evolution of human attributes and parental influences. Jean Leidloff, the creator with the word, used continuum to not just illustrate a person’s features, but those of their family, clan, community, and species. Human beings possess a certain habit at specific stages of life.

According to “Understanding The Continuum Concept” by Blue jean Leidloff very little, the human continuum starts actually in the early stages of infancy as it pertains to how the organic physical demands of a baby is met. This involves the physical contact with its mother or having someone who right away responds to his/her alerts without showing any indicator of thinking or displeasure when attending to him/her. Procession refines a person in his/her the case nature as it is associated with self improvement as they acquires new knowledge off their own lifestyle experiences after some time. Continuum varieties connections from individual to his sociable groups. “The continuum of your individual is definitely whole, however forms part of the continuum of his family, which in turn is part of his clans, communitys, and types continua, just like the continuum of the human species varieties part of those of all life. inch (Jean Leidloff, n. deb. ). The continuums found in every individual within the world is definitely interconnected to each other as a individual’s continuum is known as a small a part of a greater physique, always in a continuum larger than it. These kinds of connections are formed through the interactions that happen between people everyday. These interactions, however quick, adds yet another experience that contributes to the emotional, emotional, or physical improvement of those involved. Being naturally social pets or animals (Waytz, 2014), human beings will always desire interpersonal relationships, thus continue to reside in a continuum. In summary, “Continuum” provides us with an awareness of evolution, sequences, and human development as it is something that has a particular starting point although not a definite end. It is a thing that keeps changing gradually, without the specific turning points inside the changes.

From our early on ages to our deaths, everybody experiences procession. We are all currently living in a continuum, collecting experiences that change all of us subtly every day. The entier we stay in may be of one’s own, all their family’s, their school’s, their very own country’s and also the continuum from the whole community, everyone eventully connects into one continuum. This is due to every person coming across different events and persons in every second of their lives. Past tips and philosophy would considerably influence their present reactions, further changing future actions. Following how continuum have been described, everyone differs in some ways, without two people ever before being the same. Each person can be special in the manner that no person else is ever going to be due to human procession differing within just every person. This could result in a great ever growing and developing culture, growing together through one another.

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