Education is important to our live, with it we are able to improve the lifestyle.

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Pupils try to achieve a higher education either by studying locally or perhaps going abroad. Nowadays, a lot of students choose to study overseas. They believe going abroad can bring bright future for their live. Upon other hand, some students choose to studying local universities. They may have own good study regional or abroad.

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But in my personal view, learning locally can bring several positive aspects than learning abroad. A big benefit is can save the cost. Certainly studying neighborhood universities can help you the cost in comparison to studying in abroad schools. Both of the countries will vary currency price for example Brunei money change to US buck.

When we change Brunei money to Combined State money, the amount will become smaller. The overseas students also need a fortune to spend the fee compare to local students. Brunei and Combined State have different climate that force these to use more cash to buy suitable clothes. In United State or British have a winter season that Brunei don’t have, this which make learners to buy wintertime clothing. Not just that, the price of ticketed is very expansive as the country is a long way away from Brunei.

If they are in emergency cases, they cannot go back home immediately since they need to purchase the ticket. Residing at outside region is not easy; they need to rent a house or room to live. From this cases, studying abroad desire a lot of money than study locally. The second advantages are more comfortable with the environment.

The scholars who researched at regional university are aware of the surrounding. They can be near with the families and free to talk to their close friends. With this kind of, it will help to make a student never to be pressure with their research. Moreover, the scholars also can execute a part time job since we realize a local people can easily find part time careers compared to individuals are study overseas.

The Islamic pupils will not be very much worry upon finding halal’ foods simply because study in local schools. To added more, in United State there is less Muslim persons which make the Islamic students difficult to carry out their plea. However , in Brunei it will be more easy to them do their particular prayer as Brunei is one of the Islamic countries.

As the local people, we should find out our culture and find out more into it. In College or university of Brunei Darussalam they will encourage all students for taking a course of Melayu Islam Beraja’ (M. I. B). From this course, they will know more about the traditional and the culture that have in Brunei.

It is true that analyze at regional universities provides comfortable and simply life for these people. The last advantages are may improve terminology skill. Though, the students who have studying at local universities doesn’t meant they will can’t enhance their language skills.

As we know English vocabulary is a native language, students need to improve that by talking to each others. Regional universities likewise have outside students which they need to speak in English to others. University of Brunei Darussalam has present students for taking any dialects they just like by signing up for the club such as Western, Korea or Frances.

Effortlessly this, it show that study by local educational institutions bring even more benefit than studying overseas. However , this will depend to these to choose better universities both in community or overseas. They have personal reasons to choose it yet government could make them to choose by advising them.

Governments have to take part on making better and good school so they will decide to follow high education at regional universities.

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