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The EUROPEAN UNION, first and foremost, manages its own passions. Turkey’s candidacy reflects EUROPEAN interest of expanding the sphere of influence, however the sluggish rate of negotiations reflects the EU’s defense of Cypriot and Traditional interests and issues with value to natural gas and illegitimate immigration.

The EU features traditionally stressed European cultural values as being a prerequisite to get entering the union. Historically, these values have been mirrored in democratic government, human being rights and capitalist financial systems. The Turkey question, nevertheless , expands the notion of Western european cultural values. When the expected issues such as the squabble more than Cyprus happen to be removed, Turkey’s accession is challenging for European countries because it provides the undercurrent of religion in to the discussions. Although point to the formal method as being one among laws, economies and personal systems, it is clear that European ethnical values now extends to a Christian worldview for many.

Chicken has however to fully embrace many of Europe’s cultural principles. The question is still, however , as to whether or not Europe is ready to embrace Turkey’s cultural ideals.

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