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Apocalypse Now could be loosely based on Joseph Conrad’s novel Cardiovascular system of Darkness. In the novel, the main character, Marlow, is taking a trip up the Congo River in The african continent to meet the ivory hunter, Mr. Kurtz. Coppola’s film is very faithful towards the source material except in the portrayal of the character Willard, played by simply Martin Gloss. In the book at the end of his challenge in The african continent, Marlow becomes embittered with society as a whole, where once he was a conforming person in it. Since the movie starts, Willard is at that stage in his history arc, nevertheless has a couple of vestiges of civilization left. Willard sinks even further when he meets and assassinates Kurtz, “With serious prejudice. ” The film is a metaphor for a journey into the home and displays how the personal, in the face of warfare, darkens past recognition. Because they move upriver, Willard and the PBR team become more distressed and separated from reality. Each experiences his individual kind of mental breakdown.

The initial scene staying when ‘Chef’ leaves the boat enters the jungle in search of ingredients, provides a run-in which has a tiger, and is no longer the same—his state of mind becomes shorter, and this individual withdraws further into medications. Upon returning to the boat, the rule of ‘Never keep the boat’ is closed. ‘Lance’ converts to drugs too, although he likewise camouflages his face, signaling a transformed self. ‘Clean’ represents the young men who have fought in Vietnam who may be just 17 year old—those who were continue to kids and didn’t know anything about conflict. He is essentially cannon hitch, like many of the troops selected into the conflict. Clean whiles away time on the boat dance to music and frustrating Willard. He becomes momentarily unhinged during the sampan field. When Clean is murdered, ‘Chief’ stops working emotionally and becomes a transformed man. ‘Willard’, already busted from his first head to in Vietnam, becomes enthusiastic about his concentrate on.

Goggles are used by key points over the film to represent the anti-self—the new id each persona assumes to be able to deal with the war, a great act that will require a symbolic killing with the old self. Willard’s awesome of his reflection in the first scene suggests this kind of act of self-destruction. At the conclusion of the movie, numerous heroes have donned masks or perhaps painted all their faces with camouflage, symptoms that they are no longer themselves. When ever Lance appears finally to achieve his breaking point, this individual drops acid and conceals his confront in camouflage clothing paint. In the photojournalist’s sight, Kurtz can easily do no wrong. The photojournalist continues to be indoctrinated in to Kurtz’s viewpoint and acts as a connecting character to bring Willard and Kurtz together. He is the fool to Kurtz’s california king and provides comic relief throughout the film’s dark final views. Kurtz’s deal with is often covered, protected by darkness or darkness, and when Kurtz throws Chef’s severed head into Willard’s bamboo sheets cage, this individual does thus wearing confront paint. Finally, when Willard prepares to kill Kurtz, he addresses his confront in mud. These goggles underscore the dramatic alteration of the individual self during wartime.

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