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Breaking Poor


With this analysis I will be examining the way the theme of the value of money and self-preservation in American contemporary society plays in to the television series Disregarding Bad. This kind of analysis takes into account multiple views from the demonstrate and multiple characters and the reactions to money.

I chose to examine this display because of its growing popularity and following. It has climbed the ranks among the best shows on tv, and it is about something as taboo in our society since cooking methamphetamines. This analysis examines the first episode of season two entitled “Seven Thirty-Seven”. From this episode you can actually see that one of many themes of the show is that American your life revolves around cash and the desire of self-preservation. In Breaking Bad not one adult figure does not do the things that they can do without the motive pounds in mind.

The popular television show Breaking Poor is about a top school chemistry teacher known as Walter Light who is clinically determined to have terminal lung cancer. To back up his kid and pregnant life and try and give them enough money to live with out him he resorts to the lucrative organization of manufacturing methamphetamines. Walt’s pregnant wife Skyler also has to handle her kleptomaniac sister.

A preliminary scene wherever I determined this idea was the landscape when Walt and his spouse Jesse had been engaged in an increased steaks meth deal with all their distributor Tuco. Over the symptoms before “Seven Thirty-Seven” Walt and Jesse had become business partners with Tuco, nonetheless they had become scared of Tuco’s psychotic methods. In this drug deal Tuco beats one of his bodyguards to death after he makes a seemingly insignificant comment. Although Walt and Jesse fear for lives, that they still cooperate with Tuco and associated with deal. They will continue while using deal mainly because if they had not really then they could have been out twenty thousand dollars. This is certainly one of the needy measures that Walter requires to ensure that he will probably have the money to compliment his along with pay his medical bills. By doing this he’s trying to preserve himself through his family. Self-preservation can be seen as an important aspect of American life. If he will not put his life in danger by working with Tuco then simply his chemistry-teaching job is going to prove to be not enough in helping his family members. Jesse alternatively is just looking to get by as they has found it difficult to leave the meth cooking career and obtain a real work. Jesse can be stuck inside the mindset that every he can carry out is cook meth, in addition to the initially season if he tries to change himself by simply moving in along with his parents and getting a real task he is confronted by circumstances that force him to go back in cooking meth.

Tuco, the money grubbing and psychotic meth distributor, is trying to help make the large earnings. Tuco will buy the meth from Walt and Jesse at an affordable price and sells that for a profit. Tuco is the traditional example of a businessman who also understands the idea of supply and demand. Tuco witnesses these kinds of a great with regard to Walt and Jesse’s product because Walt is a skilled chemist who also makes practically completely natural methamphetamines. We can see Tuco’s need for Walt and Jesse’s product inside the final landscape of “Seven Thirty-Seven” in which Tuco is definitely hiding in a vehicle with Jesse and makes Walt to get in. Tuco then makes Jesse travel off, properly kidnapping him. Tuco does this because he can be fearful of losing his meth creation operation, and Walt and Jesse saw him tough a man. Since Walt and Jesse saw Tuco murder a man then it would be possible for them to state against Manco in the courtroom if these were to ever before become more powerful than Manco himself.

The two bodyguards who eventually meet their very own demise only at that drug deal are there since Tuco pays off them cash to protect him since he’s such an increased profile businessman. It is obvious here that all of the engaged parties will be here purely for money. Nobody is there just for fun, and it seems as if no one really wants to be generally there, especially not Walt and Jesse.

The different plot distinctive line of this show involves Walter’s in-laws. Walter’s brother in law is actually a DEA agent named Hank, and his sister in rules is a kleptomaniac named Marie. Marie’s kleptomania stems from the fact that Hank’s work does not support her self-indulgent lifestyle. Her kleptomania is showed the relatives when inside the first time she burglarizes a gemstone tiara to get Walt great wife Skyler’s soon to be newborn. Skyler is appalled when when returning the tiara towards the jewelry store she actually is accused of shoplifting. This creates a rift between her and her sister Marie that is growing when Skyler begins to ignore Marie. In the event that Skyler acquired never tried to return the tiara mainly because her friends and family needed cash instead of charms then no-one would have ever found out about Marie’s kleptomania. Skyler’s need for funds is the reason why her family begins to break down.

Marie’s partner, Hank, is known as a DEA agent who makes his cash through eliminating big time medication dealers. This individual does not appreciate his job or placing his existence on the line, yet this is what he does to provide for Jessica. Being a DEA agent on the other hand is not a sufficient means for providing pertaining to Marie. Hank is in a dilemma because he is an agent of the regulation, but he cannot breast his better half for thieving because he would not want her to go to imprisonment.

The online articles that I examined equally offered views on regardless of whether money may buy joy. The initially article viewed a blue collar Kentucky worker who also won the lottery wonderful life became riddled with difficulties. The article brings up points about how precisely money might not exactly buy delight because Us citizens have become very much richer over the last several many years, but there has been no significant increase in Americans’ happiness. The 2nd article talks about how money can maximize someone’s capability to enjoy life. Certainly with this article more than the initial because I might think that people that work hard because of their money have more happiness within their accomplishments than someone who had just won the lotto.

From this television series there is absolutely no adult persona that does not perform what they do with out money in brain. Walt, Jesse, and Tuco cook and sell meth for cash. Tuco’s bodyguards protect Manco for money. Skyler returns Marie’s shoplifted tiara to acquire more cash. Marie is affected with kleptomania mainly because she will not have cash to afford purchasing those things. It is easy to tell that through this drama series that everyone’s lives involves either increasing money or not having enough money. Walter White’s main reason for trying to gain cash, however , can be deeper. Walt, Tuco, Hank, and Jesse all have one thing in common with their basis for trying to acquire money. All of them are trying to get cash for the reason of self-preservation. Self-preservation is their need to support themselves as well as their families. Jessica exhibits this kind of need for self-preservation too, although she is focused on her baby that she will soon include. The only persona that is not centered on self-preservation can be Marie. Breaking Bad is the perfect sort of the importance pounds in an American’s every day life.

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