“What is person that You consider thought of him, And the son of guy that You take care of him? ” (NASB1995) This verse is taken from Psalm 8: four, I offered this verse on the account of my wonder and curiosity in what is really man? Perhaps this problem has already been raised years ago by scribes, educators, politicians, science tecnistions and even philosophers. Even David, the man following God’s own heart has also asked about what is about this man that even the God of whole world is so attached to him. Using reasons, decision, questions has become clashed, I possess no better answer than any other great philosophers.

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But i want to try to expound my thought on this idea truthfully. There are plenty of definitions of man. A few says that man is actually a rational dog. Others could say that person is a being and has a special place in the world on the bank account of their talents and standard of reasoning. While others argued that one thing to see that human beings are although a tiny part of the world and even of life on our own globe.

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Whatever their particular justifications could possibly be, I maintain unto this one truth i believe in, Man is created in the image and likeness of God. I’m not declaring this since I am a Christian but because I have learned not to depend solely for the knowledge of our planet but for the wisdom by God. By just understanding that gentleman is created in the image and likeness of God, in that case surely person has a great value. Consequently , every person is bequeathed with dignity and his impression of being. I think that we are equal below; sinners or perhaps saints, rich or poor are all provided by dignity.

Hence, one cannot say that My spouse and i am better off with the others. Man can be described as spiritual getting because of the spiritual acts that he truly does. This includes intellection and thinking. Indeed, man is a rational animal.

Man is formed as the highest creation since getting rational, he can think even more, he is liberal to choose and decide, he can explore, and he can carry out all things relating to his goal that will lead him to happiness as well as to view the good. Furthermore, by its uniqueness, heart is the method to obtain the things of man can do the other cannot carry out. Each one is exclusive and thus every single one can be distinguished by each spirit that identify who you are. Taking on Philosophy of Man subject has been controlled by my concerns before.

Why do some of us have to take up this when ever our field is upon medical and nursing. It was afterwards then that I realized that this program subject is critical because it gives us a thorough understanding upon our patients especially the pride of human beings. Astounding when it was, I found this subject to certainly be a challenging one because it harnessed the way we think and cause out. That taught all of us to examine yourself, to appear beyond one perspective and dug much deeper. Another essential attribute of man is definitely his freewill.

Freewill is the capacity to select. If by the word “free” one ensures that people have the ability to make certain selections on their own totally free of compulsion, pressure, or coercion then the answer is “yes. ” For example , people have a chance to choose to see a store or perhaps stay home, to obtain a newspapers or not, to eat beef or to take in fish, and so forth such options are within the natural ability of humans. People are free to act in respect to their character.

We human beings are transferred not simply by instinct nevertheless ideas. I think that this is one of the greatest feature in guy. We are certainly not robots controlled by any manual functions or family pets driven by instinct.

Certainly, we are masterpieces but our creator by no means imposed upon us although give us freewill. I have as well pondered out that gentleman is a hunter of joy. We are all diverse but we all also have a thing in common that is certainly our quest for happiness. We study hard, get a respectable job, locate a partner, begin our own friends and family, these are most means to gain happiness.

Pleasure, we all know, goes along with the possession of some good; but in which, or, in the possession of there is no need to have perfect happiness to be found. However , there’s one thing that I’ve realized, regardless of how happy we could be in this world, we would not really be content because we are made for something eternal. To get loved is to be known also to be noted is to be loved. Man is named to love and accord. I guess this can be a basis of each of our morality anything which is governed by love.

Man is usually not one that is alone. This is why Eve was made for Adam. I truly thought that there is not any greater pleasure to take pleasure in and be adored in return.

Appreciate enables a person to get good and self-giving which will creates the favorable of people and of communities.

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