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There have been significant changes in the work places as a result of advanced technology has influenced how a world does business and has interconnected countries in carrying out organization. This article will be highlighting how technology influences task quality through hours worked, the area of focus during this composition will be within the topic of how technology impacts work depth for individuals and how organisations use this within service sector. The case research will review how technology is used by organisations through control, technologic tools and organisational policy. The truth study will probably be focused on the organisation Hays Recruitment Limited and continues to be created based on strategic studies published by the organisation, articles or blog posts on technology within the workers and released articles regarding work intensity. As technology is significantly growing and shaping the world of work, it is vital to understand how this can impact and change career practices and employee health and wellness. As there exists evidence that suggests this, the key issues that will be investigated is with regards to employees’ welfare such as mental well-being, work-life balance and job satisfaction.

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Books Review: At the moment, Great Britain and the world is promoting significantly as a result of interconnected economic climate stimulated employing technology. Technology has increasingly been used in businesses changing the way in which people work. Shifting from the making industry to a service sector, technology offers significantly improved the range of jobs obtainable and are an essential aspect of the work market creating obsolete careers (Singh and Finn 2004). Technology offers influenced the production process, building a more efficient and productive office (Whiteley 2004). Britain amidst other countries is highly well known for really long working culture environment.

Research of Burchell and Fagan (2004) employed the ‘speed of work’ as a great indicator to measure operate intensity which will revealed Europeans were working more extremely in 2001. These conclusions have been afterwards supported by Green (2001) in his study of concentration of extensive work hard work identifying developments in working hours inside the later twentieth century using the average hours of proved helpful. The study featured the increase inside the dispersion of hours performed and doing work effort experienced increased by 46% in nonmanual employees establishments, necessary effort elevated by sixty one. % within the UK.

Furthermore, work intensification has established detrimental effects to people’s well-being in the workplace. There have been a significant increase in reports around the concerns of the strain industry referred to as ‘British Disease (Burke and El-Kot 2009). The literary works can further more highlight the continuous growth of this market with small solutions being created to resolve this issue in contrast to other Countries in europe. As operating intensity can be an increasingly explored topic, it is important to note there exists lack of qualitative understanding of changing work pressures that can help assess social and national economical performance when referring to the prior literature of Green (2001), Bruchell and Fagan (2004). Therefore , this could pose even more implications the findings talked about because of the absence qualitative understanding achieving more indepth and specific analysis in regards to the quality of data developed to further build on (Bryman and Bell 2016).

Case Study: Hays plc is a FTSE 250 organisation within over 33 countries which will specialises in recruitment around permanent, momentary and contracting markets. Hays’ business model includes ‘sector business leading technology recruitment tools’ which allows employees to ‘develop and deliver the ideal services and products to get clients and candidates appointment their changing needs’ (Hays 2017). Hays places themselves in delivering high quality assistance through embracing technology that enables them to choose a high highway strategy. The Hays Record 2017 pinpoints ‘mega developments and way forward for the world of work’ that influences their business structure. Firstly, the report highlights their emphasis for employees to be flexible to client demands to achieve customer satisfaction and growth. This is achieved through the beginning of new and evolving systems such as a few story software program, cloud based vendor administration and labor force management software. The technological tools discussed let recruitment consultants to proficiently process and promote information to improve their competitiveness within the recruiting industry. Technology controlling function influencing function intensity.

The efficiency strategy Hays had adopted is a Substantial road strategy which has followed the procedure in used and equipped their employees with equipment and solutions that permit employees to grow and pay attention to on the job. Hays Ltd have adopted a High Road Strategy approach by providing technology known as ‘OneTouch’ which is central to their business. This is a repository that regulates all info of customers, worker performance to information about clients. The usage of this technology by Hays has received great affect on the way through which workers hold their function. The execution of OneTouch is a good example of a existing method for analysing office work by clock in devices, time sheets, studies on what staff performing on small time intervals, application determining just how many unsuccessful phone calls had been attempted. Hays have used the use of technology in which workers carry out their particular work through divided into manipulated parts exactly where information is standardised throughout the OneTouch program being readily available and useful for employees to use. Although, this kind of does suggest directly unwanted effects on the person carrying out their job, this mirrors the concept of ‘Tayloristic’ procedures (Karmarkar 2005, Whiteley 2004) being utilised at Hays. These ‘best practices’ followed by Hays reinforces managing to understand time consumed in standard business office activities (Strassman 1985) and which increases the control about individuals and pressure to achieve targets at your workplace. This facilitates the research of Zamarian and Maggi (2010) that highlights organisations undertake a strategy to make use of technology with Hays Ltd can use their software program to control and monitor people’s work. This may pose long lasting effects of individuals that can impact lack of inspiration because of simple micromanagement methods.


In summary, the pursuit and analysis of technology influencing job intensity through the individuals to employees perspective. There are key things to consider. Technology is continually evolving and thus organisations need to proactively have a strategy in place to address implicants of the well-known ‘British Disease’ and lengthy hour traditions in The united kingdom. The case study has pointed out that though technology in organisations may be used to an advantage for employees to make operate easily accessible, the same use of technology can screen and control individuals intended for profits in organisations. Second of all, technology has evolved the shape of working designs which will finally alter the method by which business perform business and must adapt their organisation to do so. Thirdly, to what level does technology influence effectiveness for employees and whether the effect on using technology on a 24-7 basis creates more damaging than positive effects to the organisation. Hays function within the assistance sector providing to client demands. Irrespective of their ‘high road’ approach towards personnel, what is important for the future with the service sector and organisations like Hays is for organisations to actively understand the implications of the use of technology, how much time is being spent on technology devices and create guidelines in place to benefit the well-being in being used and individuals as a long-term strategy. Ultimately, pertaining to the UK Work market to obtain high performance and business success, it is vital for such policies and best practices on the make use of technology for employees should be executed in their business. There is even more work, success and exploration to be carried out within this growing theme, however once issue is apparent. To maintain employee wellbeing and engagement, organisations must consider ownership in creating a office that allows staff to escape the 24-7 technology culture to market a healthy work-life balance which usually businesses and European countries can easily and have seemingly benefited via.

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