Back in the 1800s, the U. S i9000. became an imperialist electricity, competing to increase their effect throughout the world. The US had a couple of reasons for turning into an imperialist country. Their very own desire for economic growth, army expansion, and spreading their values and ideas motivated them to beat other countries. But not most Americans presumed that America should be imperialist.

Those who disagreed with the pro-expansionist beliefs were afraid of conflict with other countries, the amount it will cost, and didn’t want to contradict the principles that the United States placed. The Israel is just an example of U. S. annexation. In 1899, the U. S. conquered Spain in the Spanish-American war and attained Spain’s colonies, which included the Philippines.

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The U. S. decided to annex the Israel and dispatched 70, 000 troops to place down a Philippine revolt. The People in the usa were extremely divided on the topic of whether or not or not the U. S. was justified in intervening inside the Philippines. Even though the U. S i9000. made a few positive efforts to Filipino society, all their harsh remedying of the Filipinos contradicted the ideals.

Therefore , the involvement was not justified. The U. S. received involved in the conflict with The country for a few causes. First, Italy was applying brutal control tactics resistant to the Cuban persons, giving them cause to get involved.

The U. S. in that case sent a battle dispatch called the U. S i9000. S. Maine to Barrica, but it cracked along the way and Spain was blamed with no proof. To excite the U. H. citizens, press used a propaganda technique called yellow-colored journalism, in which highly exaggerated stories would be written and were then simply run in newspapers.

Following your United States conquered Spain, that they acquired a lot of colonies such as Philippines, and were faced with an important decision of whether or certainly not they should annex the Thailand or grant them freedom. The country was divided about this decision. Those who were for annexing the Philippines as it had terrain full of financial potential, plus the Filipinos were not utilizing the land with their greatest gain.

An article from the S. Farrenheit. weekly claims that the Filipinos raise just enough food to live in; they don’t care to create money; and in addition they occupy terrain which might be useful to much better benefits by People in the usa. Several Americans popular the idea of annexation because they believed the U. S. was aiding the Filipinos. When the U. S. soldiers arrived in the Philippines, they will helped build schools, tracks, and medical offices. (Starron) Yet the negative effects outweighed the positive when the U. S. chosen to annex the Philippines.

U. S. soldiers mistreated the Filipinos through torture. Starron states that the wrong doings that did occur, such as the water get rid of, was the response to small groups of men under junior or non-commissioned command looking for weaponry or data. The water cure was obviously a torture unit instituted by simply soldiers around the Filipinos. The soldiers will force those to drink loads of dirty water until they were bloated, after which force it out of them simply by jamming their very own rifles within their stomachs.

The U. S i9000. also had no right to annex the Philippines the way they were. The tactics they were using were comparable to the tactics that Spain was using when the U. T. intervened, contradicting the morals and values of the U. S.

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