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The Pensonic Group begun by Antecedente Chew Weng Khak more than 40 years ago as Keat Radio and Electrical Co. in Balik Pulau, Penang. From a small store, cum workshop for electric powered home appliances, Keat Radio, and Electrical Company. grew into a successful and leading company under the leadership of its founder, Antecedente Chew Weng Khak. The first branch of Pensonic began in mid 1970s and 2 years later, that started getting into the import, export, and distribution of electrical appliances for the home. Keat Radio Co. Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated into a private limited company in 1977. Finally in 1982, Pensonic Sales and Service Sdn. Bhd. came into existence with a number of branches through Malaysia to house the fast-expanding business below one umbrella group. The unique, simple and the easily kept in mind name ‘Pensonic’ was an original idea and inspired by simply Dato’ Seri Chew Weng Khak who have created the term based on particular sentiment and personal meaning.

‘Pensonic’ is definitely a topic of dialogue. Many people had a wide range of speculations and guesses on the real meaning of the name. However , it is just a combination of two words, which can be ‘Penang’ and ‘Sonic’, therefore resulting in ‘Pensonic’. The name ‘Pensonic’ is usually an accolade to the owner Dato’ Seri Chew’s precious home point out Penang and ‘sonic’ is an audible reminder from the company’s origins in selling radios. ‘Pensonic’ does mean ‘Sound of Penang’. Pensonic can be considered since the pleasure of Penang, its headquarters has also continued to be in the Treasure of the Orient. In 1982, the Pensonic Group began adding and putting together the 1st batch of audio and visual goods under the Pensonic brand.

Pensonic was registered being a trademark in Malaysia in 1984 and it is now registered in more than 20 countries, thus laying the foundation to get global enlargement. In 1988, the Pensonic Group commenced manufacturing and promoting of Electrical Home Appliances within the Pensonic brand. Henceforth, this kind of Malaysian owned-and-grown and controlled brand joined history while the nation’s initially “Made in Malaysia” electric powered home appliances. For the first time, a nearby conceived and produced range of electrical goods took the place between established brands from The japanese, Europe, plus the United States! The core of the Pensonic Group is making, importing, transferring, distribution and marketing Electrical Home Appliances intended for the household and worldwide markets. The Pensonic Group is currently centering on its Own Design and style Manufacturing (ODM) for several intercontinental brands inside the Electrical Appliances for the home industry.

Today, Pensonic has a wide domestic division network of 10 twigs and more than 900 dealers countrywide. Pensonic exports their products to 31 countries in ASEAN, East, and West Asia, and Middle-East, maintained a complete web host of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, dealers, and customer service centers. The corporation offers a number of consumer items. From appliances, including stoves, microwave and console stoves, toasters, food processors, food processors, jug kettles, kettles, thermo flasks, juice extractors, stands/mixers, water filters and dispensers, machines, gas/rice cookers, sandwich toasters, coffee makers, multicookers, steamboats, inauguration ? introduction and gas cookers, pre-installed hobs, industrial stoves, lightweight gas cookers, slow cookers, and pot hoods. In addition, it offers house comfort products, such as followers, air conditioners, portable air conditioners, floor cleaners, tower supporters, air coolers and cleaners, and hot water heaters, and audio tracks and image products including LCD/LED goods, color TV products, DISC and car radio cassette players, DVD mini players, DVD MOVIE players, and clock radios.

Furthermore, the company gives laundry products consisting of iron or steam irons and washers, CFL and multipurpose lights, freezers, refrigerators, and standing chillers, and other goods, such as hair dryers. Moreover, it truly is involved in the distribution and trading of electric and electronic digital appliances, produce and sale for plastic treatment and moldings, trade and servicing of parts intended for electrical and electronic home appliances, distribution of home appliances, and provision of management solutions.

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