The media positively or negatively represent the public’s image of ...

The media, and Hollywood in particular, represent one particular avenue when the general public becomes familiar with the role of nurses. How exactly does the multimedia positively or negatively affect the public’s image of medical?

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What other paths may better educate the general public on the function and opportunity of nursing jobs as well as the changing health care system It is interesting how the media has pictured nurses for years. Years ago the was of your blonde, thin female in a sexy light outfit that waits onto her male simply patient hand and ft .. She is generally there to give him a sponge bath and give food to him actually thou it is just his calf that is busted but hands work all right. Now that photo has changed as a result of shows just like Nurse Jackie. This HBO show is all about a health professional who struggles to juggle her hectic life like a nurse in a New York City clinic.

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It’s based on her day-to-day tussles with physician additional nurses and her medicine addiction. However the show has questionable ethical circumstances it undoubtedly shows her compassionate caring character. “Jackie is smart, caring, well known by her peers and a vigilant advocate for her patients” (Sorrell 2009). However , due to Nurse Jackie’s questionable ethical techniques many nursing organizations believe that this portrayal hurts the of rns and prevents them from recruitment, retention, and portion (Nemeth 2011). In which many organization possess fought to refocus the community and general public’s interest on what good nursing incorporates.

A company of healthcare professionals, named Real truth Nursing, has given accolades to displays for best and worst characterization of nursing in order to steer Hollywood to more properly depict nursing staff. Unfortunately, chaos in the press sells and I don’t think that will change. Even so I are glad to determine that, actually thou the negative aspect of nursing as being a profession will be portrayed, nursing staff are becoming viewed now as caring, caring, clever individuals who are good patient advocates rather than the hot blonde who was at a patient’s bedside waiting within the hand and foot.

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