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Paul Fisher is usually twelve years of age when his family moves from Houston to Tangerine County, Fl, where his father will be a municipal engineer for the state. Paul’s daddy and brother, Erik, have already gone to Florida, leaving Paul and his mother to make the drive alone. As they leave, Paul has a scene at the edge of his memory but can’t quite pull up. Paul enrolls in the Lake Windsor Middle section School in which he tries to the team. But when the coach understands that Paul is legally blind, this individual removes him from the group despite Paul’s obvious potential.

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The family rapidly realizes the housing development where they are really to attend is definitely not perfect due to blunders in the county’s civil engineering department. Additionally, there are problems in the school, and once several of the portable structures used for classrooms fall into a sinkhole, Paul has the in order to transfer to a new school Tangerine Middle School. He manages to avoid showing them that he is legitimately blind which is accepted as a part of the soccer team. Meanwhile, Paul’s father can be wrapped up in what Paul calls the Erik Fisher Soccer Dream. Anything revolves around Erik’s football schedule and Paul’s father by no means attends a soccer game. But Erik is a inappropriate bully then when he benefits from the fatality of a many other football team member, Paul hears him having a laugh in the garden. One day Paul has good friends over to work on a science project and Erik makes fun of them, going so far as to hit a boy named Tino in the face. Paul aren’t bring him self to tell on Erik yet a few days later he could be watching the moment Tino’s brother, Luis, confronts Erik in the football field. Erik’s friend hits Luis in the brain with a blackjack and a few days and nights later, Luis dies. It’s also discovered that Erik and his friend have been burglarizing houses inside the neighborhood an undeniable fact Paul’s mother discovers.

Paul finally comes forwards with the information of the strike against Luis as well. When Paul’s grandparents learn of the specific situation, Grandpop says that it’s because Erik had not been punished if he hurt Paul’s eyes. Meanwhile, Paul is usually struggling to recall a childhood storage. He grabs glimpses of computer occasionally yet one evening he all of a sudden remembers, if he was five and the relatives lived in another city, Erik and a pal sprayed fresh paint in Paul’s eyes as retribution because they thought he’d told on them pertaining to spray portrait a wall. With Paul’s memory, the family is no longer able to ignore Erik’s rudeness.

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