the movie remember the titans essay


Film production company Remember The Titans was a great example of character education. Throughout the movie there are many great examples that represent the acronym “PRIDE, ” which usually stands for endurance, responsibility, integrity, dedication, and empathy. The characters represent all of these features well in fantastic movie.

A character in Keep in mind The Titans that showed the “P” in “PRIDE, ” was Coach Herman Boone. This individual showed patience. Patience is actually a good-natured threshold of delay. Coach Boone showed patience when he continued to wait for the 2 races on his team to mix and to prevent fighting.

He knew they will wouldn’t add up right away, and it did take time nevertheless he eventually got those to get along. Without his endurance the team will be a mess, and they wouldn’t include won any games almost certainly.

A character in Remember The Titans that represented the “R” in “PRIDE, ” was Gerry Bertier. He showed responsibility. Responsibility will be reliable or perhaps dependable to the obligation of yours.

Gerry was the captain of the Titans staff before he became harm and this individual stood on with Petey Williams, the jogging back. Despite the fact that Gerry wasn’t for having the African-American players on their crew, he was accountable for being the captain and help his teammates. When ever Petey was having a difficult time as working back since the white players on the offensive line didn’t block to get him as a result of his competition, as a captain would carry out, Gerry scolded those players. That was a spark that led to them getting along as one big team.

A personality in Remember The Giants that symbolized the “I” in “PRIDE, ” was Coach Bill Yoast. He showed sincerity. Integrity is performing what’s correct even if not necessarily what you want. Mentor Yoast revealed integrity during one of the video games when the referees didn’t just like Coach Boone because of his race. The referees called penalties about almost every play against the Titans, even when these were clean performs. Coach Yoast did the fact that was right and stood up for Coach Boone and threatened to verweis out the referees if they didn’t phone a fair game. This deed ended up losing himself his spot inside the hall of fame, in the end he did the ideal thing.

A personality in Keep in mind The Giants that symbolized the “D” in “PRIDE, ” was Coach Boone. He confirmed dedication. Devotion is to stick to something without quitting, whether or not it may not end up being so easy. Instructor Boone confirmed dedication by simply not stopping his task as the Titans mind coach. Boone was frequently criticized about his skin color and the group he trained was a tough team to coach. there were deal with that often happened between his black and his white players that he previously to deal with. Initially his teammates didn’t even like him, but this individual didn’t give up.

A character in Remember The Titans that represented the “E” in “PRIDE, ” was Louie Lastik. This individual showed empathy. Empathy is understanding and fully knowing another’s feelings. Louie confirmed this when he sat together with his black teammates at lunch break. This revealed that he cared for them and had not been against these people like his fellow white teammates. He didn’t worry about race, this individual felt like they were a single big team like persons should experience. He knew that his black teammates didn’t want to be made entertaining of, they will just want to remain in everyone else.

Bear in mind The Giants is a film that every person should see. It gives ideal examples of figure education. The characters sneaker patience, responsibility, integrity, devotion, and empathy. This video was a wonderful and fun way to learn about personality education.


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