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The international accounting occupation has shed its method and is no longer serving the needs of different users of accounting info in a way which is suitable and significant for a global business environment of today.

I actually respectfully argue with the previously mentioned statement.

If perhaps anything, the accounting profession and its importance in day to day management of companies has increased in the past decades. The information provided by business financial snapshots is a essential tool in managing the afternoon to time, monthly and yearly affairs of any kind of business be it large or perhaps small.

The info provided monthly by accountants aids both the financial remotes and managing in examining where and exactly how well they have already performed historically, and importantly aids in managing decisions of exactly where to focus methods and time for current or future needs. Cote (2002) states that “the fundamental aim of accounting should be to provide exact, useful and timely financial information. 

The importance of accounting inside every business should never be undervalued or disregarded.

In every single efficient lodge and organization it is the program used to decide at what rate to offer a room, expense of sales or cost of merchandise sold (COS or COGS) are determined giving regarding profits or losses within certain centers such as bedrooms, food and beverage cost, gift store sales or perhaps tours.

There are many users of financial and accounting information in the business environment. While the relevant information can be utilized throughout the business as a means of assessing departmental performance, generally it useful for upper level management and just how it is chosen to filter down can vary from organisation to organisation. When the accountants of the organisation make the information it really is of great significance to these to know exactly how this information will end up being processed through whom. These types of different organizations are referred to as user organizations and these can consist of many different entities plus they are clarified under.

1 . Customers ” To get largerenterprises who also publish general public financials this may aid in discovering whether a organization is performing well.

2 . Competitors ” Again with public financials this could aid competitors in seeing if there is potential for market growth in a newer niche area, or else comparing their performance to that of the competitor like a “benchmark.

3. Employees ” Would locate this information useful, and it is important for the sake of visibility that by least a part of the financials are mentioned and evaluated with staff on a regular basis.

four. Government ” Needs to understand if the accurate amount of taxes have already been paid, the particular standing in the business can be ie whether the government has to lend support, as well as monitoring for any underhanded or wrongly reported claims.

5. Community Representatives ” Should be aware in case the company can continue to provide job, are they doing well enough to expand all their size, can your company perform well enough with no aid from the community?

6th. Investment Analysts ” Importantly provide the information that allows potential investors to determine whether to purchase the business.

7. Suppliers and Lenders ” Need these details to decide if to supply lines of credit or loans, or when should you call in their very own loans.

almost eight. Managers ” Past, long term and present performance, probably the most important tools for any administrator.

9. Owners ” Determine based on you can actually performance if to offer rewards, or to offer a portion in the business.

The first two points could be appropriate to bigger enterprises, however in the lodge and food industry, especially in Belize, allowing for customers or competitors use of this information probably would not be tolerated. In a extremely competitive industry allowing “outsiders access to this informationis tantamount to damaging your property. Point “” would also be highly improbable in many areas where owners and managers prefer to permit only a select few have access to privileged information. While these types of users might apply to the broader spectrum of businesses it may vary tremendously.

Most importantly in accounting are ethics. The accountants and people within the enterprise have a moral and ethical responsibility to ensure that the information is accurate, to record the truth also to report any kind of suspicious activities. Within little or medium sized enterprises (SME) or large multinational businesses (MNE) staff, shareholders and stakeholders can be affected in adverse techniques such as job losses, ruined public image of the business and closure in the enterprise. The actions of a few unethical people can influence the entire business, and as is the case in the current modern universe even have a cross country or global effects that can keep enterprises showing and even an impact on the economic climate of the region.

In recent years there have been many financial, accounting and auditing scandals that have rocked the world leading to losses of billions of us dollars. Amongst the most famous of these is the Enron derrota of 2001 with losses of over twenty five billion dollars dollars reported. This was because of false economical reporting and as a result of this breakthrough even the auditing firm of Enron, Arthur Anderson, was forced to close, the fact that the must have recently been known by many people is of concern, a mass cover up with devastating consequences.

Inside in Belize there has been recently a scandal concerning the renationalisation of the electricity company, Belize Electricity Limited (BEL). “On Monday, Summer 20, 2011, the Government of Belize (the “Government) approved legislation and after that issued an order, provided on Tuesday, June 21 years old, 2011, to expropriate the ownership curiosity of Fortis Inc. (“Fortis or the “Corporation) /quotes/zigman/17264 LOS ANGELES: FTS -0. 18% in BEL and dismiss the Board of Directors of BEL, which includes nominees of Fortis. Compensation remains to get determined. 

While each of the facts possess yet to get discovered it can be concerning which the communication and energy companies to Belize have both been nationalisedwithin recent weeks. These are apparently snap decisions made by forces in the Government of Belize that have an impact on the well-being of its people. There has been almost no in the way of financial reporting or transparency. It was a matter of days between when the Prime Minister declared his intention of re-nationalise to when it occurred. These occasions are disturbing when travel and leisure is one of the major sources of revenue and the region needs to be displayed in a great light.

In light of these disturbing takeovers, We am from the opinion that huge intercontinental corporations will be more subject to worldwide standards and regulations than very small countries producing sugar and lemon or lime. Larger companies have costs and financial backing that make Belize’s budget appear minuscule when compared to. The settings are set in place after the events occur to protect the property and trustworthiness of the businesses, to ensure that the business or conglomerate to be taken seriously around the international stage. So although these steps have been effective to a certain level, it can not be stated with certainty that they will be totally successful within a smaller govt owned contemporary society.


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