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By simply considering the environment as an exploitable exterior element, a company can create high revenue for some time. Cina, for instance, is known as a developing country that has disregarded the gravity of the environmental issues that european countries have already been attempting to deal with by placing high standards and creating new laws, for the sake of economical growth.

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As reported by the Chinese Ministry of Health, actually the country has been focussing in its monetary rise without caring about the consequences that such a rapid and unmanageable industrialization could bring. (China Daily, 2007)

As a result of such negligence, pesticides or herbicides, water and air pollution will be among the factors that have built cancer the most frequent cause of death in 79 counties, within a village operating out of Guangdong province, which is viewed as one of the most industrialised and successful areas in China, about 250 individuals were killed simply by cancer between 1987 and 2005. (China Daily, 2007)

Now, the question is: pertaining to how long can China continue to keep neglecting environmental surroundings at the price of human being lives?

According to Dr . Lin Jiabin (The Guardian, 2009), the problems China is currently facing and the pressure that has been place on its authorities, factories and farms by developed countries result from the distorted attitude that China people have recently been developing throughout the years of industrialization, according to which growth and sustainable expansion are two separate principles, as the former refers to income generation, while the latter has to do with peoples happiness. Dr . Lin (The Guardian, 2009) recommended that China and tiawan should acknowledge the importance of development as well as the unbreakable marriage between GDP growth, sustainability and public welfare, to be remembered as like Asia, which started to be industrialized in under a century and managed to keep a main position in the world economy. Should China usually do so, the negligence will without doubt cause a sequence reaction that will put a stop to it is growth and undo every one of the benefits that its large productivity has had the country so far, in terms of economical growth.

Ever since Cina became a WTO member (WTO Information, 2001), it is exports have been higher than the imports, containing caused the international community to grumble about a volume of issues, including child work, pollution, lower-quality standards and unfair forex policies. This past year, China announced that it would let the Yuan be a little more flexible, which decision was seen as a beneficial step by President Barack Obama. (BBC News, 2010)

In 2006, the international community (China. org. cn, 2006) let China know of their particular worries regarding the way the govt was dealing with issues such as pollution, toxins and source management and, in the same year, the us government announced that the national GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT had fallen by around 20% because of environmental polluting of the environment, which impedes development and growth. (Xinhua News Agency, 2006)

There are, then, a number of factors that might trigger Chinas exports to drop down the road

To begin with, numerous environmentalists and researchers (Adam, D. Goldenberg, S i9000., 2009) have already been complaining about and protesting up against the damages that Chinas thirst for electrical power and monetary goals possess caused towards the environment and, even though their particular voices never have reached every consumer in the western world, those of Oriental activists whom demonstrated in August, demanding the closure of any company utilized toxic chemicals to produce polyester. (The Economist, 2011). However , the simple fact that the federal government announced that it would close that plant implies that something is finally changing in China. Since reported by Robert Adams (2007), the Food and Drug Operations analyzed a lot of products received from China and advised buyers not to buy China-made food, perfumes, creams or any other products suitable for personal proper care, for many of which contain deadly poisons and toxic chemicals. The main reason such chemicals are favored to natural or undamaging ingredients will not be easy to imagine: cost. This way, Chinese companies save tons of money upon production costs and can continue to keep their prices low and competitive.

This type of tactics might bring high income in the growing process, but sooner or later consumers will certainly refuse to order products that might have been of underpaid children using toxic chemicals or hazardous substances which pollute environmental surroundings and governments will have to consider measures to quit China from becoming the worlds greatest economic power at the charge of the environment and human being lives. That is certainly sure to become a good reason to start considering staying more collaborative, rewarding sustainable companies, penalising the ones that pollute and buying sustainable development, which, contrary to rapid and uncontrollable industrialisation, will certainly take positive results in the end, just like it happened in The japanese, as Dr . Lin Jiabin (The Guardian, 2009) noticed.

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