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The legal System in Trinidad and Tobago is based on the British common legislation and countrywide statutory laws. Although the legal systems from the former United kingdom colonies talk about many similarities. They differ in some esteem. British common law the main foundation of the legal systems at the time of independence. (Caribbean Human being Development Statement 2012 pg. 117). During the last decade the Crime Figures in Trinidad and Tobago suggest that the Police Service is usually struggling to execute its function as a realtor of sociable control. This has led to unfavorable cycle in which the lack of effectiveness has in a negative way impacted within the relationship between the police as well as the citizenry which in turn has contributed to the escalating criminal offense situation. (A Report Resident Security Trinidad and Tobago pg. 105). The human population in Trinidad and Tobago has lost confidence in the Criminal Justice System since there is miscarriage of justice, due process would not take place, and never enough funds is invested in technology to struggling crime.

Losing the unborn baby of Proper rights

Victor Nealon (1997) served seventeen (17) years in prison for attempted sexual assault. Police officers by no means carried out Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) investigation says the dress contained examples from one more man (ofcourse not the accused). Nealon was launched in December 2013. Miscarriage of Proper rights often revealed when refreshing evidence comes forth showing that innocent guys and or girls are often jailed. Some possess served as much as seven (7) years. Mike Hallam (2005) was sentence in your essay to life in prison intended for the death of trainee chef Essayas Kassahun, nevertheless evidence via Hallam mobile phone showed having been not at the crime field police would not investigate his cell phone. The causes of miscarriage of justice will be by many and varied however it is possible to draw upon several major causes to provide a summary. Losing the unborn baby of rights is used inside the context of appeals via civil or criminal circumstances. In Trinidad and Tobago miscarriage of justice is yet another major cause of concern in the criminal rights system. Innocent men and women are wrongly accused of crime that they did not dedicate because a right investigation was not done. Indigent clients obtaining proper portrayal from legal professionals because their particular pay deal from the government is not really high. Non-public attorneys are very well paid hence, they function harder to symbolize their consumers to confirm their innocents. The Rights System is screwing up without proper investigation practices and training from police officers the public has lost confidence in the justice system.

Due Method

Credited Process is actually a fundamental, constitutional guarantee that most legal procedures will be good and that one particular will be offered notice, the proceedings serves to take away one’s life, liberty, or perhaps property. A constitutional guarantee that a regulation shall be irrational arbitrary capricious. Miranda Versus. Arizona (1966) Ernesto Miranda was busted after a criminal offense victim identified him, yet police officers wondering him would not inform him of his Fifth Variation right against Self- incrimination, or of his 6th Amendment right to the assistance of legal counsel. (Criminal Rights, Pg. 222). Richie Gunness V. The Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago (H. C. 746/2013 C. V. 2013-007460) Justice kokaram. Gunness claims that his constitutional legal rights of the credited process of law and to a fair trial had been breached by the state if he spent eight (7) extra days in Remand Lawn on the incorrect premise that he was to be held in remand custody with his bail as before on the criminal impose (Judiciary in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago) his constitutional rights of a reasonable trial was infringed. In addition, the right of any speedy path discuss below due method is happening every day in the courtroom system. Situations are brought forward after years of waiting for trial. This kind of brings frustration to inmates causing a great uproar in prison, wherever planned jail break and different ways to get away are foiled at times.


Criminals have advanced guns, night time vision cams, surveillance gear comparing for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS). Cases will be investigated, nevertheless do the law enforcement have all the resources needed to do a proper investigation? For instance, whenever sex offenders are introduced into contemporary society there is a lack of information because the multimedia does not inform the public, zero pictures, or any type of information is published in any sort of the mass media alerting the public. This purpose and more is why the public has lost self-confidence in the proper rights system. In the coast pads to air flow guards the criminal proper rights system has failed. What is being done to eliminate crime away of our country’s streets? How much money is being put in the criminal justice program to invest in effective guns, equipment’s that can assist in fighting the battle of crime? Yet , a major area of concern is not proper training given in technology- related activities in the authorities service and forensic featuring information on use in police force. Cameras should be installed in police cars to see and hear how a proper detain is done. Technology can break the chain of grievances from residents, reports can easily be reviewed to find out if a offense was determined or wrongful arrest hasn’t happen.


The criminal proper rights system in Trinidad and Tobago is definitely failing every single day, not enough is being done to put into practice the regulations. Criminals manage free rooming our roadways preying upon innocent individuals. There is a great urgent need to deal with instances faster in order that justice could be swift. Once the justice program implement correct investigations methods, adhere to constitutional rights of citizens, and offer proper schooling to law enforcement officials. Citizens will regain self confidence in the proper rights system. The justice system includes barrister, attorneys, law enforcement officers, prison officers, and the like, all are actors inside the justice program. The criminal justice system in Trinidad and Tobago need to be modified. Laws through the past can not be used mainly because criminals are definitely more innovative.

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