In the life, “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl”, it explains to the story of the female slave named Harriet Ann Jacobs. Losing her mother and father for such a age, the lady experienced firsthand the bank account of a servant life. Your woman deliberates in great details the humiliation, sacrifice, and struggle specific to girl slaves from the late nineteenth century. Nevertheless she comprehended the risks associated with publishing a free account of her life, she moved ahead with the thought and released her story under the ficticious name Linda Brent.


Harriet Jacobs came to be into captivity in 1813 in Edenton, North Carolina to Delilah and Elijah. While growing up she appreciated a relatively happy life right up until she was six years of age when her parents died. After the death of her parents, Harriet and her younger brother John had been left to be raised by their grandmother, Molly Horniblow. Molly was an old woman who had been well respected in the slave community, as well as by the servant owners.

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She was never roughed up, and the lady frequently snacks for the people in her community.

Harriet Jacobs gained the knowledge for all of her educational essentials by her initially mistress, Margaret Horniblow. Your woman taught Harriet how to examine, write, and sew which gave her advantage within the rest of the slaves. It also could attract a few unwanted interest. Margaret could later on will Harriet to her twelve yr old niece whose father could subject Harriet to aggressive and undeniable sexual nuisance. Dr . Flint sexually stressed and bodily abused the teenaged Harriet for provided that she was a servant in his household.

Frightened that one time Dr . Flint would make his antics reality, she started to have an affair with a visible white lawyer named Samuel Tredwell, who she later on beared two children for. Rather than discouraging Flint, she infuriated him. He then sent Harriet away to a life of hard labor on a plantation he possessed, threatening to be able to in her young children as field hands, seeing that they legally belonged to him. The girl soon ran away from the planting and put in seven years hiding within a tiny attic crawl space in her grandmother’s home.

During individuals seven years she put to use the skills that her first mistress got taught her, and observed over her children by using a small chink in the roof. Being cramped in the attic room for such a long time, left her permanently literally disabled. In 1842, Harriet was finally able to break free to the north, and found act as a childcare professional in the household of a prominent abolitionist article writer, Nathaniel Parker Willis. The girl later on is definitely reunited with her kids in Nyc, and a greater distance down the line her employer purchases her freedom from Doctor Flint.

While reading this life you get a feeling that is certainly very uncommon. Most slaves that you hear about usually have harsh lives and are also extremely unsatisfied, but in this type of case it absolutely was the complete contrary. Harriet’s your life wasn’t hard not one bit. She was never roughed up because her father’s mistress found her to be very appealing, and she failed to have to do any hard labor. But , in addition, she wasn’t allowed her flexibility which is what she desperately longed intended for. That particular entity is what spots everything into perspective.

By so doing whether your woman liked that or not really, she would still be a slave. She wasn’t able to walk away from her situation, the girl could not carry out everything that she wanted to perform, and your woman definitely cannot enjoy her life to the fullest because she hailed from someone, which someone was a jealous, hostile man called Dr . Flint. Harriet Jacobs insisted upon telling her story truthfully and entirely, determined to create white People in america aware of the sexual victimization that slave women frequently faced and dramatize the very fact that they generally had no choice but to surrender their virtue.

Jacobs knew that her contemporaries could see her not as a virtuous female but as a fallen one particular, yet she published the storyline anyway. She wanted to deliver light to a situation that slave females faced every day. She was an incredibly good woman intended for doing so, and by directly facing the inappropriate realities that plagued Black women in the late nineteenth 100 years, Harriet’s job occupies a substantial place in African American literary tradition.

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