the honest issues of legalizing marijuana essay


Did you know that nearly half of the populace in the United States belongs in imprisonment, according to the law on marijuana? Is actually true. In 2008 Time Magazine reported that experts had located more than 42% of people selected in the United States experienced tried cannabis at least once (Lynch, 2008). So if weed use is and so common in the us, why should it not be legalized? In this paper I will discuss both the promoting and rival positions around the legalization of marijuana.

I will also explore the moral and ethical views to get legalizing pot.

Utilitarianism is definitely the moral règle that we should act to generate the greatest feasible balance great over harmful to everyone afflicted with our actions (Shaw & Barry, 62). Many supporters of pot would believe by legalizing marijuana it would reduce the crime rate, which in turn at the end of the day will be better for anyone. Crime and violence happen to be greatly elevated due to the illegitimate selling and buying of marijuana.

If we legalized marijuana, it could end the need for such felony behavior, just like marijuana smuggling, distribution, product sales, possession and usage.

Each year there is about 12 billion dollars dollars invested in police officers, DEA, etc ., investigating and penalizing marijuana users (Prislac, 2009). This money could be invested in more useful programs, just like Social Protection or even more essential criminals; terrorists. The rival side would argue that if we legalized cannabis it would basically increase our crime rate because there would be no regulation. There would be more people out there committing crimes since their common sense is disadvantaged and they wasn’t able to make logical decisions.

One of the biggest arguments against legalizing marijuana is that this impairs a person’s judgment, which can be often then compared to that of alcohol. The easiest way to compare both of these drugs is always to look at the amount of deaths linked to driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages to that of marijuana. Based on the National Road Traffic Safety Administration in 2009 out of the thirty-three, 808 people who died in traffic failures, an estimated 10, 839 people died in alcohol-impaired generating crashes (Fars, 2010).

An occasion Magazine document reported which a new study found 44, 000 U. S. motorists involved in a fatal single-vehicle car crash between 1998 and 2009. Of these 44, 000 drivers, 25% tested great for drug use; the most common drugs staying marijuana, cocaine and amphetamines (Melnick, 2011). This means typically (between 1998 and 2009) there were roughly 1, 000 U. T. drivers that tested positive for medicine use who were involved in single-vehicle car crashes. Honest relativism says that right and incorrect are only a function of how particular society takes to get right and wrong (Shaw & Craig, 11).

Just based from the information reported in this passage, I would say that alcohol should be a banned compound before pot To explore the financial benefits of cannabis legalization we need to first look at the amount of marijuana that is certainly purchased by simply users. The White House Office of National Medication Policy reported that between 1988 and 1995, Americans spent about 7 billion dollars for the illegal material, averaging of a billion us dollars a year (Prislac, 2009). Therefore annually there exists a billion dollars out there that is subject to no sales tax.

The national common for sales tax is 5%, so if you calculate the billion dollars dollars becoming spent on pot, this means there is certainly approximately 50 million dollars in florida sales tax that our government never gets their on the job (Prislac, 2009). By legalizing marijuana it would also induce the job marketplace in our economic climate. There would be more jobs designed for production, division, and the sale of marijuana. The opposing look at of this argument is that it could also get rid of many jobs to get police officers, DEA members, and many other government officials.

It would be asserted that there would be no increase in the job industry, if we remain taking a lot of jobs away by legalizing marijuana. For all of the social, financial, and moral reasoning I think marijuana ought to be legalized. Socially, legalizing cannabis would decrease the crime level. Economically, it could improve govt revenue and stimulate our economy. Ethically, within a utilitarianism world, we should always try and develop the most good for our world. There are always gonna be two sides of the argument, although I think good effects it might have in our society could greatly surpass the negative effects.

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