Medication in health and social care Essay


Managing of medicine requires know-how on purchasing, maintaining, government, storage, recording and disposal of medicine; the National standards label current standards and laws, codes of practice and policies, national enquiries, moral issues and risks intended for the services user.

The current legislation that apply to the handling of medication comprises: The Medicine Action 1968, The Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Regulations 1973, The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), The Power over Substances Harmful to Wellness Regulations (1999) (COSHH), Hazardous Waste Polices (2005). Most care organisations and nursing services are regulated and inspected by the Care Top quality Commission (CQC), and they must comply with the Care Criteria Act 2000 and the Countrywide Minimum Standards.

From the Nationwide Minimum Specifications (NMS), the legislation that refers one of the most to the particular needs of our organisation regarding the medication is the typical 9 of the NMS intended for care homes for seniors, which gives info to the staff about the procedures of recording, safe-keeping, handling, administration and convenience of medicines, and also to the service users in issues of their responsibility and risks for taking their particular medication. The organisation supplies services intended for vulnerable people from various backgrounds, including people with mental problems, with mental difficulties, and people with acquired brain damage.

The mental condition of our clients imposes to the personnel to be very careful regarding the management of medicines and the risks connected with unsafe utilization of medication. Firstly, the staff needs to have the necessary knowledge about medicines and the classification of medicines. Some of them, like Oramorph Concentrated Option or Morphine, are very dangerous Controlled Medications, so the proper care workers need to find out the medicines indications, the mandatory dosages plus the side effects. The controlled Medications must be stored in a locked metal wardrobe and it can become administered by simply appropriately trained staff or by a rn, in case that the patients gets nursing care.

Older people usually takes several medicines and errors can happen; in order to avoid any improper use of medicine, there ought to be kept a record of current medicine for each services user. About the Controlled Drugs, there is a register where there happen to be recorded details about their administration and disposal. In the case the fact that staff monitoring the individuals seizes any kind of change in their particular condition, they have to announce the GP in order to review the medication.

Between our patients, there are couple of that have their own medication , so we need to ensure that we offer them the necessary information in understanding their medical prescription properly. However , having in view that they have learning difficulties, they are assessed and monitored constantly in order to ensure that the process of taking their medicine is done consequently.

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