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The endocrine system is a network of glands that produce human hormones to promote the body’s homeostasis. The glands that comprise the endocrine system will be the hypothalamus, pineal, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreatic, ovaries, and testes. The pituitary gland is split up into two parts which are the adenohypophysis and the neurohypophysis and coupled to the hypothalamus. Both of these glands come together, the hypothalamus makes bodily hormones for release and the adenohypophysis secretes the hormones made and the neurohypophysis stores and releases two specific human hormones called Antidiuretic hormone and oxytocin. The pineal glandular, located in the mind, produces the hormones melatonin and serotonin. The pineal glands generate serotonin from tryptophan which usually we get from food and serotonin which in turn turns into melatonin, which helps with sleep.

The thyroid human gland located in the neck regulates the metabolism by liberating hormones. The 2 main human hormones that the thyroid gland gland generates are Triiodothyronine (T3), and Thyroxine (T4), These are of using iodine. The parathyroid glands will be in the thyroid gland, there are about five parathyroid in a thyroid gland gland. The parathyroid glands secrete parathyroid hormone (PTH) and this body hormone regulates calcium supplement. The adrenal glands can be found above the kidneys. They secrete epinephrine and norepinephrine. The pancreas is found behind the stomach as well as the part of the pancreas that produce hormones are called the islets of Langerhans. The hormones which come from the islets of Langerhans are Glucagon, somatostatin, insulin, and, pancreatic polypeptide.

Diabetes is actually a condition in which the body’s capability to produce or use insulin is capacitated. There are several types of diabetes, prediabetes, type you diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Prediabetes is once someone comes with an impaired blood sugar tolerance. Type 1 diabetes is caused because the immunity process attacks and destroys skin cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. Diabetes mellitus type 2 occurs when the body is unable to use the insulin this produces. Gestational diabetes is less common, and it is said to be caused by insulin lack or bodily hormones.

A lot of symptoms that occur with diabetes happen to be, thirst, repeated urination, being hungry, fatigue, and blurred eyesight. The parts of the endocrine system that diabetes impacts are the kidneys, the lean meats, and the pancreatic. Diabetes may affect your hard working liver by raising the risk of nonalcoholic liver disease which is a condition wherever alcohol creates fat to develop in the liver. The effect diabetes has on the kidneys is actually much blood glucose or stress can cause kidney damage. The immune system destroys the beta cells in the islet of Langerhans and the loss in these cells means your system cannot generate insulin.

Diabetes therapies consists of insulin and mouth agents. Insulin is used to deal with all types of diabetes. Insulin was originally produced from animals. Genetically engineered insulin is now employed in place of the dog insulin. There are rapid performing, short behaving, intermediate operating, and extended acting kinds of insulin. Other sorts of treatments consist of sulfonylureas, biguanides, alpha glucosidase inhibitors, meglitinides, and Thiazolidinedione.

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