Teachers Day Essay


Inside our country and culture a teacher is still held in wonderful honor and respect. He can considered as a foundation of all knowledge and source of wonderful ideals.

He is the torch bearer to the contemporary society. Students admire him with faith and hope to search for his assistance. Teacher can guide the entire generation through his flexible personality.

Dr . Radhakrishnan and Ravindranath Tagore are contemporary examples of superb teachers who have influenced this country with their idea. If guidelines and beliefs are to be perpetuated and inculcated in the youthful generation, they must come from the oral cavity of professors in their classes at all the amounts of education. Like a unit pounds which flows and offers multiple effects in economy, teacher likewise multiplies his influence between students who have come in his contact yr in and year out with a few hundred or so students yearly, he will include a long term impact on 1000s of them throughout his services before retires. undefined

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