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Host1: Our country has been through a lot of complications both monetarily and eco. And unfortunately there was not any progress. Problems ahead of are still concerns today and what’s even worse is that it merely requires keeps upon piling up.

Host2: As people of this country, what can we do? How do we contribute? Perhaps there is still desire? Is transform still possible? Good day everybody and most likely watching

The two: The Earth Hour.

Host1: Today we would be discussing three environmental concerns.

First, the improper garbage disposal; second, polluting of the environment; and third is environment change.

Host2: And we will end up being having guests and specialists. They will clarify the causes as well as as the effects these problems may provide. All of these if the Earth Hour returns.

Host1: And we’re back. 1 major problem that every one of us, I think, is conscious of can be improper garbage disposal. And here, we’ve got Mister. JosephSan Juan, a teacher of Environmental Psychology in UP Diliman and Ms.

Therez Subebe, a great environmentalist. Great day, sir and ma’am!

Both: Great day!

Host2: Let’s commence this right, Mr. San Juan, what is improper garbage disposal?

Joseph: Poor waste disposal is definitely the failure of managing and monitoring of waste materials such as plastics and even biodegradable waste materials like left-overs.

Host1: How did this challenge start in the country?

Joseph: The scary increase of improper fingertips of sturdy and hazardous squander in our country is due to several reasons such as: increasing population, by this, we could consuming, we produce waste products, I mean, it truly is already provided that when we had been born i was bound to bring about waste. It’s unavoidable. That’s the sad truth. Other reasons happen to be lack of bundled solid spend management system, insufficient environmentally audio disposal system and insufficient toxic waste materials treatment features. There is also deficiency of public recognition & support. People today merely throw sweets wrappers, tin cans and plastic bottles for the streets. They will toss nonetheless usable plastic-type material bags anywhere not even noticing how much this contributes to the already gigantic problem about Waste Disposal. That they continue to wrongly dispose waste because they are certainly not educated about what might be the consequences of their incorrect doing.

Host2: Given that it truly is getting a whole lot worse what are the effects of this problem to folks, Ms. Subebe?

Therez: Very well, obviously, there are no results. Its effects are simply negative. The spread of infectious illnesses due to improperly dumped chemical substance wastes via factories, dirt contamination, and floods because of garbage-clogged drainage are only a few of the many serious effects ofimproper Solid and Hazardous Waste Disposal.

Host1: Oh my, I really failed to know that it is so bad. Anyway, we have a question from a group. Okay, precisely your name?

Lari: Hi, I am just Lari. It truly is obvious we should work regarding this matter, so what steps must be used? Are there any regulations for it? What programs should be launched?

Joseph: uhhhhm, thank you for that, our country has received laws regarding proper squander management. There is this law REPUBLIC WORK NO . 9003 which is “AN ACT PROVIDING FOR AN ECOLOGICAL STURDY WASTE SUPERVISION PROGRAM, CREATING THE NECESSARY INSTITUTIONAL MECHANISMS AND INCENTIVES, PROCLAIMING CERTAIN ACTS PROHIBITED AND PROVIDING FEES AND PENALTIES, APPROPRIATING MONEY THEREFOR, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES, only that the was not implemented well. Certain programs have been launched as well and a pair of the famous program are the multiple R (reduce, reuse and recycle) and proper garbage disposal.

Host2: Will you mind showing our audiences how these kinds of programs job?

Therez: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is known as a program presented in response towards the increasing plenty of wastes inside our country. Lowering is simply to decrease the amount of plastics we work with every day. Using again, from the universe itself, is using again trash that are still usable like plastic-type material and paper bags and Recycle is the processing and upgrading of junk into something even more for individual use. One other program is Proper garbage disposal which reduces the pass on of contagious diseases brought by hazardous odors of chemical wastes. Consistent with this program is usually Segregation to separate eco-friendly and non-biodegradable garbage. One other is composting which is the procedure where environmentally friendly wastes such as leaves, observed dust, remove of the fruits/vegetables, are placed in a tank or possibly a hole. This lessens associated with contamination not only in air, land, but as very well as in floor water.

Host1: Thank you very much. Uhm, Lari, were you pleased with their answers?

Lari: Yes. They’ve responded it superbly. Thank you.

Host2: Thank you too Lari. And thank you to the guests for lending us their precious time.

Both: You’re welcome.

Host1: We still got lots of issues to discuss when The Globe Hour earnings.

Host2: And you’re nonetheless watching Our planet Hour. And then for our second issue of waking time, air pollution, we are with Ms. Fenee Monicado, a EXISTENCE ambassadress and Ms. Athena Aungon, a pulmonologist, to talk about it. Great day Ms. Fenee and Ms. Athena.

Both: Hello there.

Host1: Well, Ms. Fenee, you’re a LIFE ambassadress, would you show what LIFE stands for? What does your organization aim for?

Fenee: EXISTENCE or the Lasallian Institute for the Environment, within the Lasallian Family members, aims to provide environmental education and awareness not only to the Lasallian community but non-Lasallians as well. We all aim to help them not only to love and appreciate the environment, although also to know and take care of this as well. EXISTENCE strives to provide education with values formation. The organization envisions a contemporary society of people who not simply love their particular environment but understand and respect it as well.

Host2: Wow! Becoming a Lasallian is unquestionably something to be proud of, correct? Well, what does the organization have to say about air pollution?

Fenee: The truth is, we have the programs introduced. One is, you Million Woods & Past, serves to provide a venue for more pro-active responses to environmental issues through tree-planting actions and reforestation programs that promote the propagation and caring for indigenous species. The

aim is to herb and foster one million woods by the yr 2011. One more is Job Carbon Simple which means removing as much co2 from the atmosphere as we place in. Both these programs are solutions for air pollution particularly air pollution in the air.

Host1: Speaking of smog, what causes it?

Fenee: Air pollution arises when any kind of chemicals or biological matter that can harm humans or other life is launched into the atmosphere. It is a issue that remains despite the passing of laws and the creation of agencies to combat it. Air pollution continues to cause negative effects upon both persons and the environment.

Host2: Somebody from the viewers wanted to question something. Hi there, what’s a message?

Karl: Hello, I’m Karl and I just wanted to ask what might be the consequences of air pollution to our body and also to our region?

Athena: To the body it might be respiratory destruction just like the lung area, most of the breathing is made up of exposed membrane, rendering it sensitive to pollutants, and alveoli”air sacs”in the lungs can be once and for all damaged by simply toxins up. Some circumstances that can be traced to, or perhaps made significantly worse by, breathing contaminated air will be colds, splutters, asthma, lung infections and lung cancer. There is also the smog. Nevertheless “smog is sometimes described as a variety of smoke and fog, it happens to be a mixture of contaminants and ground-level ozone. The pollutants that help make smog come generally from vehicle emissions, factories, power plants and consumer products like paint and solvents. Smog can cause challenges such as breathing ailments, reduced visibility, and damage to vegetation, colds, and eye irritation.

Fenee: Air pollution has effects as well in our seeds and property. Acid rain is rainwater that contains greater than typical amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids. Some of this originates from natural resources, such as rotting vegetationand volcanoes, but most of it comes via emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide in the burning of fossil fuels. The effects of acid rainwater on the physical environment will be drastic. Acid rain injuries trees in high elevations, and erodes paints and building supplies.

Acid rainfall also eats away car coatings, weakens trees by limiting their nutrients, and results in large levels of aluminum”a substance that is certainly toxic to aquatic life”in lakes and streams. And besides into the environmental results, air pollution also can adversely affect the economy. With rising health conditions among the populace, health care costs rise. With air pollution triggering illnesses when it comes to in the staff, time and efficiency are misplaced. Areas of the earth with excessive air pollution, such as the Philippines, also often report a drop in tourism and a loss in foreign investments.

Host1: karl, what can you declare?

Karl: Now we all know how damaging air pollution could be. Thank you for explaining.

Host2: Perfectly, we’re genuinely thankful that you have come to the show. Many thanks.

Both: “You’re welcome “No worries

Host2: The last concern when we come back here on Our planet Hour.

Host1: And we’re back here at The Earth Hour. Climate change has been the biggest issue just before Global Warming. And talk more about this; we have Ms. Jaylen Saluria, a climatologist and Ms. Febe Ray Antolo, a meteorologist. Welcome for the Earth Hour.

Jaylen: It’s good to get here.

Febe: It’s my own pleasure.

Host2: So , weather change, what is it?

Jaylen: Climate transform is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather conditions patterns above periods including decades to millions of years. It may be a big change in common weather conditions and also the distribution of events about that common. Climate modify may be limited to a specific area or may well occur throughout the whole The planet.

Host2: What about our condition here in the Philippines? Happen to be we damaged?

Jaylen: Sad to say but we are affected, all of us are affected, you see, it is a global phenomenon. It truly is evident for the abnormal change in weather. Popular days and hot night times have become more frequent. Intense weather occasions have also occurred more frequently as 1980. These include deadly and damaging typhoons, floods, landslides, severe Este Niño and La Niña events, drought, and forest fires. Negatively affected sectors include culture, fresh water, seaside and sea resources and health. Local climate change, in the event that left unchecked, will also affect biodiversity and finally the earth’s natural devices and procedures.

Host1: Are you able to give us revisions on how our country is performing regarding climate change?

Febe: The Israel has skilled temperature spikes brought about by climate change. It is observed that warming is experienced most in the northern and southern areas of the country, although Metro Manila has warmed less than the majority of parts. Additionally , the regions that have warmed up the most (northern Luzon, Mindanao) have also dried up the most. Largest precipitation trends are about 10 percent throughout the 20th century.

Host2: And uhhmmm, we certainly have Jesse here, an audience, she has something to inquire. Go on, Jesse.

Jesse: Hi, I’m only curious, perhaps there is anything we can do to reduce climate alter? I mean, to halt it.

Jaylen: Well, it may hurt everybody but there may be nothing we are able to do to stopit. But you may be wondering what we can carry out is to let it stay as it is, in the event that not, slow it down and not equal to it. You know what I mean?

Jesse: I think therefore. That’s incredibly unlucky even though. So , what must we all do?

Febe: Ultimately it can be up to every single of us, since individuals and families, to take action to slow down and eventually change global warming and climate modify through everyday awareness of the energy employ, and attention to ways we could conserve electrical energy and reduce fossil gasoline usage.

Jesse: I’ll do that then. Thanks to answering.

Host1: Thank you Jesse and a huge thank you as well to our exceptional guests, Ms. Jaylen and Ms. Febe.

Both: “You’re welcome “Anytime

Host2: And that’s it the dear audiences. Surely, you may have learned a whole lot. We now know very well what to do in order to contribute to the change of our region. Everything starts off within every of us.

Host1: Thank you for seeing until the next time and this has been

Both: “The Earth Hour

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