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Walter White colored: Family Guy, Meth Prepare food, or Both equally?

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AMC’s Breaking Bad’s Pilot event addresses many different economic, social, and personal issues. Once Walter Light is diagnosed with cancer, he confronts a financial turmoil, which then causes an intense moral dilemma. Walt knows that the medical expenditures he will shortly face as a result of his diagnoses will lead to distress and family challenges. When Walter resorts to cooking ravenscroft meth to generate money so that he can pay for his medical expenses, it becomes very clear that in America, high paying out jobs are too few and medical bills are too excessive resulting in the abandonment of basic probe.

Walter White is known as a man who have loves chemistry. He traveled to school to become a chemist, nevertheless he got married and had a handicapped son, he was faced with a decision: settle for a less time consuming work, make less of your budget, and be right now there for his family or work as a chemist, earn more money, and not always be there pertaining to his family. Of course Walter, a family guy with great morals, made a decision to become a high school graduation teacher to be able to help his wife raise their kid. Now that this individual has cancer and is achieving the end of his lifestyle as a new child is definitely on the way, he knows that his current profits is too few to cover medical expenses and leave his family very well off after his loss of life. This uncovers the issue in the united states of work verses family. In America, lots of people are split apart as a result of financial issues or nerve-racking work hours, if it’s not really the 1st issue, it is the latter. Lifestyle in America is a trade-off game- you can either work hard, long hours and trigger family anxiety that way, or work less hours and make less of your budget, causing family stress doing this.

Walt White’s wife is expecting a baby, only contributing to the economic issues that the White relatives will soon be facing. Walter knows that because he comes from America, wherever every individual in 2008, needed to pay for healthcare, will have to spend extremely substantial medical bills in order to endure his fight with cancer. This demonstrates the controversial issue of health care and the demonstrate illustrates that due to the fact that expenses are so substantial that people have to resort to immoral ways to pay for their medical bills. This kind of aspect of the show shows that medical expenses is surely an issue that also triggers many problems in someones lives. In the point in which a dying man considers to not get treatment for the terminal illness due to the cost, there is evidently a problem with health care in the us.

Walter, a family man, high school educator with his probe in line might do anything to safeguard and take care of his family. This embodies the stereotypical thought of a ‘good-ole-boy’ American family members man, exposing the ideal American husband. Yet , the angle in the display is that he justifies his immoral actions of food preparation meth simply by saying it truly is all for the sake of his family members. This demonstrates that in America, immoral actions can be justified for family. Despite the fact the viewers with the show understand that what Walter is doing is very wrong, while watching the present, most audiences like Walter White. This reveals that Americans consider actions in the interest of taking care of your household justified to at least some extent.

As Walt White commences his battle with cancer, looks his moral dilemma showing how to pay for his medical expenses, and efforts to take care of his family the American existence and meaningful are proven. His sacrifice of becoming an increased school tutor tells us that family should come first in respect to American ideals. Next, his economic struggle due to his medical expenses uncover that there is a health care a significant America. Finally, the likeability of Walt White irrespective of decision to cook meth to help his family displays us that in America, cash and family members are the driving factors of countless actors.

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