Tourism contains a unique attribute that make this kind of industry totally different from other industry. Tourism provides numerous of product and services they can provide. One of the tourism that nowadays has most demand is ethnic tourism.


Ethnical tourism identifies the place offering the social and traditions attraction. These kinds of attraction include the cultural efficiency, games, religious practice and handicraft. History, culture and religion will be the element of tourism. Many vacationers visit these places to find the unique history and culture.

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Malaysia has many ethnic heritages include Malays, Chinese, Of india and many more including kadazan and dayak. Every single ethnic get their own exclusive characteristic such as wedding ceremony, game titles, foods and lifestyle. Malaysian can show more on their exceptional lifestyle through homestay.

Homestay is a form of accommodation which guest are staying with the host family members together in one house. This really is one way for Malaysian to welcome customer and let all of them know better about this region. It is a place where traditional local people start their homes for holiday.

The purpose is for traveler to look and experience the true lifestyle of traditional Malaysian. Experiencing homestay is the speediest and most affordable way for tourist to know more regarding Malaysia. Through homestay, visitor will get to how issues work typically without affect from others.

They also will certainly experience nice and comfortable inviting families. The host of the homestay will treat all their guest as an element of the friends and family. Tourist will love homemade classic delicacies and they will learn how to put together the food plus the traditionally way of living will also interest the guest.

Malaysia have a wide variety of traditional games that very enjoyable and interesting, including Gasing, Wau (kite flying), Congkak, and even more. This classic games can also be seen and play by guest who also stay with these people. They will believe it is interesting simply by playing these people.

Nowadays local people have provided a lot of homestay program from all of the states in Malaysia. In each condition, they have their own unique culture and interesting activities provided. All of these homestay courses are approving by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, this is to guaranty the customer satisfaction and safety through the programs.

Malaysia is located with the Southeast Asia and have 13 state. London of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur which is the biggest city in Malaysia. Malaysia populace is about twenty seven million. The have a couple of separate region; peninsular Malaysia which is eleven states and Malaysia borneo have two states. Recognized language in Malaysia is usually Malay and the official faith is Islam.

Kuala Lumpur is the standard capital, due to the heavy overloaded in Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya become the federal government administrative capital. Economically, Malaysia is the top exporter of rubber and palm oil. Oil from palm is a main generator in the foreign exchange. In Malaysia practice a huge variety of religion and culture, beside Islam the additional religion practice is buddism, Christianity, Hinduism, Chinese and a few of them don’t have any religion.

Malaysia have many culture, firstly is definitely Malay. Malays population is a majority in Malaysia. Generally all Malays is Muslims. This group is referred to as Bumiputra. The chinese language used is Malay terminology but English is widely spoken in lots of cities. Iban is a population from Sarawak which is over 600, 1000 people. Formerly they remain in a longhouse, but now a lot of them were moved to cities. Additional is Bidayuhs who was through the southwestern of Sarawak. By Sabah, the group is known as kadazan. Oriental is also the growth population in Malaysia; generally they are buddist and Taoist. They used many different languages such as mandarin, hokkien, Cantonese, hakka and teochew. Lastly is Indians. Mostly they may be Hindu Tamil but some of those were Tamil Muslim and Tamil Christian believers.

The largest express in Peninsular Malaysia is usually Pahang which can be about thirty five, 960 sq km. Pahang is located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia with have an attraction of cool mountains, rain forest, hill resort, beach, souterrain and lake. Forest is almost half covered Pahang point out which is forty-eight. 8%. As a result of that, orang asli (aborigine) can be found in certain area in Pahang which is at Cameron Highland and Kuantan.

Pahang is an interesting place to end up being, because holiday can find almost everything at Pahang from the amazing mountain to hot exotic beach. Furthermore, in Pahang there is a wide variety of arts and craft. Batik is a feel printed cloth with a colorful and classic floral design and style. In Kuantan and Cherating, tourist could get to know better about Batik by watching and even try to design and produce this. Hand stiched fabric is additionally a uniqueness of Pahang. It is constructed with traditional weaving loom. By creating it, local and holiday can buy this to use as a sarong, sampin and other traditional attire. As a time passes by, many entrepreneurs wish to buy these palm woven fabric to make this as formal and everyday attire that can be use to everybody at any time. Other craft generate by Pahang is woodcarving. It is influenced from neighborhood flora and Islamic arts. It is use for house decoration for example at the door, window and more.


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