The Code of Ethics for Nurses Essay


This paper examines the code of values of nursing staff.

The healthcare professionals are sometimes found in very difficult situations that call for appropriate decision making. The action considered should not be from this code of ethics. Healthcare professionals are guided by a set of laws which might be meant to support them in their duties to offer medical solutions and at the same time fulfill their patient’s requirements. The code of ethics to get the rns rejects virtually any attempt to perform activities which might be contrary to the patient’s rights. These include the right to life, to self esteem and the directly to respectful treatment (International Authorities of Healthcare professionals, 2006).

In the case study situation the physician made a wrong recommendation to get the patient. Mr. B was wrongfully timetabled for a tumour resection treatment yet the most appropriate course of treatment for him was a palliative treatment or limited intervention. Revealing the patient into a tumor resection was an act that subjected the aged individual to a higher likelihood of postoperative restoration (Strang, Fluss, Hultborn, Arner, 2004). With the problem of bed space the person deserved to become treated evenly with other patients despite his age, the condition great limited likelihood of survival.

Your rights state clearly that the life of one individual is usually equally important as the other and therefore should not be undermined (Tschudin, 2003). The nurses should have acted by the principle in the first sufferer to be confessed the first to end up being served and that scenario the other patients younger than Mr. B really should have been directed to other features. By every ethical standards, nurses should value the lives with their patients regardless of what the situation is since every one of the lives are precious and non-e can be substituted for another 1.

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