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Ranking the News Sites

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Following in a long distinctive line of sensational celebrity trials to captivate the collective attention of America, the prosecution of Dr . Conrad Murray for his negligence inside the death of pop celebrity Michael Knutson has captured the country’s notice in recent months. Accordingly, the nation’s major information outlets, including CNN. com, FOXNEWS. com and MSNBC. com, have the ability to chosen to dedicate a large portion of their daily reporting for the dramatic Murray trial. Simply by closely examining the insurance coverage of these 3 news companies, in terms of presentational style, journalistic integrity and the presence of bias, it is possible to construct a rigorous overview of the method employed by the country’s largest news and media shops. Due to the overriding ideological dissimilarities espoused by respective administration of the CNN, FOX Media and MSNBC news corporations, the credit reporting and insurance coverage they provide on the seemingly target issue such as the Murray trial is easily skewed and distorted to help an company philosophy. The conservative-minded SIBEL News may shift the focus to the part of regulation within the health care industry to appeal towards the interests with their audience, while the liberal-leaning MSNBC might want to approach the story from the movie star scandal angle in an effort to the courtroom younger readers. By studying each of these media outlets and the coverage of the Conrad Murray trial, I actually intend to identify which websites tend to display prejudicial or perhaps partial take care of the subject matter at hand.

A review of the Conrad Murray trial information located on the FOXNEWS. com website gives readers to a topical webpage containing a cluster of hard news stories, give out your opinion to someone else commentary and interactive user-created content. With all the highly awaited verdict in the case having recently been rendered to become guilty of involuntary manslaughter, the headline article of FOXNEWS. com’s coverage is definitely titled “What Will Eileen Jackson’s Relatives Do Now That the Trial is Over? ” (Piazza, 2011) and the text message is accompanied by a splashy image of the enduring Jackson friends and family. This individual interest characteristic, covering the comfort of Jackson’s children and parents, takes up practically half of the page while more factually-based information stories will be relegated for the fringes. In fact , readers who visit the Fox News website in search of a target depiction with the Conrad Murray trial will be directed to the Wikipedia entry on the subject, in what can only be considered a troubling signal as to the lessened scope of traditional writing. It is also well worth mentioning the notoriously divisive FOX News has designated a portion of its site space to a story titled “Jackson Estate Calls about MSNBC to Cancel Slated Airing of Dr . Conrad Murray Documentary” (http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/11/09/jackson-estate-calls-on-msnbc-to-cancel-scheduled-airing-dr-conrad-murray/), which covers the the latest flap between Jackson as well as MSNBC, certainly one of FOX News’ chief rivals. When 1 considers that FOXNEWS. com routinely utilizes the hard to rely on tabloid site TMZ. com, which is owned or operated by Media Corp mogul Rupert Murdoch along with Fox Media itself, like a secondary supply during insurance coverage of the Murray trial, it is apparent that their matter is certainly not the production of legitimate journalism but rather the courtship of higher ratings without exceptions.

Upon looking MSNBC. com for protection of the Conrad Murray trial, the most obvious factor was your decided deficiency of substantive materials. Perhaps this is certainly based on MSNBC’s prominence while television wall plug, but the web page contained a minimal

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