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American Dream, Materials Review


“The American Fantasy has become a nightmare” (Sanders). The American Desire is the ideal your life of comfort and happiness that Americans prefer to achieve. Fatality Of A Sales person written by Arthur Miller and The Catcher In The Rye authored by J. G. Salinger happen to be two different books, however , they share the idea of every single protagonist planning to achieve the American Dream. Willy Loman, the protagonist in Death Of A Salesman, is trying to be successful by causing a large amount of cash and using a happy, loving family. Holden Caulfield, leading part in The Heurter In The Rye, is trying to accomplish the same simply by developing himself into a better student, friend, brother, and son. These two stories discuss the common topic that when seeking a esteemed goal such as the ideal of American comfort, a person often detects themselves involved in mental health issues. Both the characters present signs of these issues when they start having hallucinations, changes in mood, and reach a stunning point of self conclusion.

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Firstly, both Willy and Holden experience hallucinations and articulate daydreams with their past through their excursions in the catalogs. Willy experiences flashbacks coming from when his two kids, Biff and Happy, were younger. These kinds of flashbacks happen to be from times when Willy was proud of his children, for example , a flashback from the moment Biff was younger and was a basketball star who would be going to school over a scholarship, just before one of his games. Willy experiences daydreams of his dead big brother Ben, whom represents prosperity and accomplishment for Willy because he identified a diamond mine within an African jungle. He likewise experiences flashbacks and hallucinations about the lady with who he had a great affair with. The woman is known as a representation of Willy’s isolation in his your life and in his marriage. These hallucinations and flashbacks turn into dangerous to get Willy, “I suddenly couldn’t drive any longer. The car retained going off onto the shoulder, y’know? [] No, it’s me personally, it’s myself. Suddenly I realize I’m goin’ sixty miles an hour and I don’t remember the last five minutes. I’m” I can’t seem to ” keep my mind to it” (Miller 13). This shows that this individual becomes a hazardous driver when he is swerving off the road and he as well begins jogging stop lights. Willy’s flashbacks and daydreams represent his development when he looks back on when he was a good man.

Holden likewise experiences hallucinations. He often sees and talks to his younger brother, Allie, who have died at age 10 by leukemia. “I started discussing, sort of out loud, to Allie. I do that sometimes after i get stressed out. [] ‘Okay, Go home and get your bike and meet up with me before Bobby’s house. Hurry up'” (Salinger 99). He also offers daydreams of himself in situations where he can be dying, such as when he is definitely walking across the street and he imagines himself crossing the road but hardly ever making it towards the other side because he was killed initial. “Every period I found the end of the block and stepped off of the goddam control, I had this kind of feeling that I’d hardly ever get to the other side of the street, thought I’d personally just go straight down, down, straight down and nobody’d ever see me again” (Salinger 65). Holden’s flashbacks and daydreams symbolize the happiness and the feeling of success that he had together with his brother just before Allie perished. The hallucinations that are skilled by Willy and Holden are unwanted effects of their mental illnesses, due to their desire for the American Dream.

Furthermore, both equally Willy and Holden become very emotionally unstable character types and begin to have mood swings. Willy’s mood adjustments rapidly. For instance , when Willy was in your kitchen with his partner enjoying himself. Then suddenly he started to be very upset about the kitchen appliances that he and Linda individual because of just how he’s usually paying for all of them but other families include better ones. Willy as well contradicts himself frequently, expressing things like “Biff is a laid back bum. [] There’s the one thing about Biff- he’s certainly not lazy” (Miller 16). This shows that this individual has troubles deciphering just how he feels and takes out his aggravation on those around him.

Holden is also struggling to control his emotions. His mood fluctuates as he will go from feeling depressed, to sad, to angry, and often raises his voice at others without a reason. An example of this is how he hires a prostitute. He afterwards decides that he will not want her which results in him being smacked by her pimp. Over proceeds to take five us dollars out of Holdens pocket which makes him upset, “All of a immediate I started to cry. [] But We swear I’m crazy. I actually swear to god My spouse and i am” (Salinger 56). Holden also contradicts himself plus the way he is feeling. For instance , when he continues a date having a childhood friend named Sally, at first this individual confesses his love on her behalf but down the line he explains to her that she is a “royal pain in the ass” (Salinger 159) This proves that while trying so hard to accomplish their American Dreams, their particular mental overall health is showing signs of damage as demonstrated through all their mood swings.

Finally, the two characters both equally reach a self recognition point in their particular life, where they make their big decisions to help themselves become their own idea of powerful. At the end from the book, Willy becomes conscious of the fact that his notion of the American Dream is usually not practical for him to achieve and he realizes that he will by no means reach success in the way of organization and that he simply cannot control the lives of his daughters. From this, this individual seeks to find an alternate way to how they can become successful. This individual realizes that he is unable to support his family with money from sales and the money via Charley, therefore he commences by seeding seeds inside their garden together with the thought of offering his family members with some meals. After, this individual comes to his final decision showing how he can become successful. He makes a decision that his 20, 1000 dollars of insurance can take better care of his wife fantastic two sons than he can be able to if he continues the way his life is heading now. Through the whole publication, it is foreshadowed that Willy commits suicide as he is suicidal from the start, “He’s recently been trying to kill himself. [] The insurance inspector came. This individual said that they have evidence. That most these accidents in the last year- weren’t- werent- accidents” (Miller 58), eventually, his ultimate decision is to eliminate himself.

By the end of Holdens trip in the tale, he concerns realize that he is taking his life within a bad course and that at the rate he can going, he will probably not be able to obtain his thought of the American Dream. He realizes that he will be unable to to be a good student or perhaps please his parents with all the way this individual behaves. Over the whole account, Holden gives suicidal thoughts and tendencies very frequently, “Anyway, Now i’m sort of glad they’ve got the atomic blast invented. In the event that there’s ever another warfare, I’m going to stay right the hell on top of that. I’ll you are not selected for it, My spouse and i swear to god We will” (Salinger 263). During this time period, Holden admits that this individual feels depressed but eliminates admitting that he has many unhealthy dealing mechanisms and that he needs support. His stage of self realization can be when he realizes that they can not attain his dreams at this time in the life but since he makes some changes he permitted be very successful. At the conclusion of the book he admits that this individual needs support and is publicly stated to a psychiatric ward for treatment. The idea of self realization for the two personas shows that they reach an area of understanding of the mental illnesses that they will be suffering from resulting from their quest for the American Dream.

In conclusion, the American Dream is a common topic that shows up frequently between your books Death of a Salesman written by Arthur Miller, as well as the Catcher In The Rye authored by J. Deb Salinger, creating the shared concept that in seeking “the American Dream”, a person often locates themselves worse off, and gradually, but severely troubled by mental concerns. Hallucinations, flashbacks, mood swings, and a lot importantly, terrifying self-realization demonstrate that these two protagonists were not unaffected by the stress of working to something difficult, almost a fantasy- the American Fantasy.

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