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The most important supporting product to get TV units is represented by the Home cinema System. The necessity for these kinds of products is definitely increasing. The rise is also due to a range of suppliers, which resulted in reduced rates.

Another product that can be regarded TV set’s complement is a VCR, or maybe the DVR, their modern and more searched for type. Just like regarding TV models, the DVR comes in a really wide range, there are numerous suppliers fir this product, the prices vary according to the quality and degree of technology advance. The necessity for this item has a comparable evolution since the demand pertaining to TV sets. However , the necessity for Dvr is less space-consuming than that pertaining to TV sets.

Given conditions presented previously mentioned, one may conclude that the demand for TV models is a great inelastic one. The characteristics that generate this situation are: the reduced availability of substitutes, the need for this product, and its importance.

As mentioned above, the pc is the only major substitute for the TV. And this does not possibly apply to the majority of consumers. Persons will always buy Tvs, and a lot households will certainly own in least a single TV, since it is quite less likely that a significant substitute will enter the industry.

Regarding the importance of the TV in the consumer’s salary, the price put in for this item is not an extremely significant one, provided the fact that such goods are not bought frequently by same buyer.

The necessity for buying a TV set is a very crucial one for many consumers. In cases like this, the consumer is without willingness to postpone the purchase. As well, the buy cannot be delayed for a very long period of time.

The supply for this sort of product is a diversified one. There are several manufacturers. There are numerous types of TELEVISION SET sets. Any consumer can be satisfied by at least one of the provided products, when it comes to price or perhaps of technological requirements. It is far from expected that significant adjustments will be manufactured in the demand and provide for TV sets.

Yet , there may be momentary increases of demand once new technology are used. For example , the introduction of the 3D TV SET is anticipated to generate increased demand for the products and to improve the sales of electronics leaders like Fiat and Panasonic (Richards, 2009). Even if the economic crisis has afflicted many consumers, this situation have not severely damaged the TV sets market section. The demand intended for such products is likely to increase the worth of the marketplace.

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