Technology: Pros and Cons Essay


Big Macs compared to apples, vacuum-cleaners versus brooms and computer games versus playing tag – they all signify the effect technology has already established over the lifestyles. Nevertheless is this difference only exterior or will there be more to it? There is an increasing quantity of people who think that human improvements do not just affect each of our level of comfort yet change the approach we perceive the world too.

And much like other such issues – each of our society reveal different concepts on whether this is a good factor or a awful thing. My estimation falls someplace in between. To start with, it is an indisputable truth that modern technology has its good points. I might kindly request anyone who believes otherwise to describe me some great benefits of making a fire by rubbing two sticks together all night when I possess a brighter in my bank. These very good points will be the reason why each of our civilization is continually evolving right into a much more able one.

Be it mental or physical qualities – nowadays you will find smarter and stronger people than the earth has ever before seen. We are also offered the possibility to pick from a almost unlimited sum of methods of enjoying ourself thus making it simpler to reach each of our ultimate goal in life – attaining happiness. Having said all the above, Perhaps one would imagine that our world is a best utopia when compared to ancient occasions.

While I do believe that we all live in more at ease and easy to survive in place, there are many of points which have turn into worse and which should certainly not be disregarded. The first thing that comes to one’s mind when talking about the price our living world pays for having this sort of fancy systems is pollution, with fossil fuel and petroleum being the primary culprits. The two play this sort of big jobs in our females that human life as you may know is not possible without them as well as – the two are injurious towards the health of each living being.

The other extremely big drawback that comes with each of our better comprehension of the world can be not so apparent and it is a strategy that we refer to as the art of treatment. Having comprehended the principles in back of every person’s needs and desires, influential people make use of this knowledge for their own edge, completely ignoring humanity as a couple of importance. In such a way we are regularly bombarded by carefully designed advertisements and deceived in giving prosperity or capacity to people who had not offered very much in return and so leading to mass problems just like obesity and poverty. Last but not least, there is not a certain answer to the question whether technology is to be our saviour or perhaps our destroyer.

On the one hand you will discover the people who have believe that we could becoming better and better civilization with each being successful day. However are individuals who swear that inventing electricity was each of our second biggest mistake, following coming down in the trees. Generally speaking, it is up to every person to determine for himself/herself whether the benefits associated with technology surpass the costs and what he/she might do for the well being of the race and our planet.

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