Our client, Bradley Stonefield, is planning to available a limousine service, Landslide Limousines, inside the Austin, Tx area. Mr. Stonefield programs to hire about twenty-five people to provide first class transportation into a variety of clientele. Before Mr. Stonefield starts hiring it truly is imperative that he has an understanding of applicable employment regulations. Title VII of the Civil Rights Take action of 1964 (Title VII) is a well-known and widely used federal anti-discrimination law (LaMance, n. g. ). Title VII produce it illegitimate for companies to discriminate against someone based on their race, religion, national origins or love-making (U.


S. EEOC, 2014). The Act as well made it unlawful for business employers to retaliate against an individual who files a complaint of discrimination or perhaps participates within a discrimination investigation (U. H. EEOC, 2014). An employer who have violates Name VII could find themselves put through a number of legal consequences such as having to pay significant sums intended for damages and being necessary to readjust the company’s policies (LaMance, n.

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d. ). To avoid violating Title VII Mr. Stonefield and his managers should take care of all workers and people equally without regard to the characteristics other than job overall performance (HR Consultant, 2013).

The Texas Short term Law protects all organization entities inside the state of Texas, regardless of size except public employers such as the condition or government (TWC, 2013). This law gives the Arizona Workforce Commission rate (TWC) the authority to enforce salary laws and investigate income claims (TWC, 2013). Arizona Payday Rules covers compensation for solutions rendered, commissions and bonuses, and selected other edge benefits in respect to a written agreement with or policy in the employer (TWC, 2013).

What the law states states that employers need to pay workers for all several hours worked and these income must be received by the worker no later than payday (TWC, 2013). If the workplace lays away, discharges or fires a worker they must spend all wages owed to this employee within just six work schedule days of the date of separation (TWC, 2013). If an employee voluntarily quits or perhaps retires their very own final repayment of salary is due to all of them on the short term following the particular date of separating (TWC, 2013). If an employer violates the Texas Pay day Law they could be fined the lesser in the wages stated or $1, 000 (TWC, 2013).

In order to avoid violating this kind of law Mister. Stonefield should certainly make sure that personnel are purchased all hours worked which all income due are paid to employees promptly. The Age Elegance in Career Act pertains to all companies that make use of twenty or maybe more employees (U. S. EEOC, 2008). The Act declares that it is “unlawful to discriminate against a person because of his or her age with respect to virtually any term, condition or privilege of work, including selecting, firing, promotion, layoff, payment, benefits, work assignments and training (U. S. EEOC, 2008).

Breaking the Age Discrimination in Employment Act could cause the business to incur legal liability and require payment of large monetary judgments (Mayfair, n. m. ). Mr. Stonefield and his managers can avoid violating this Act by under no circumstances taking a person’s age or proximity to retirement into mind when making decisions about employing, firing, spend, benefits or promotions (HR Specialist, 2013). The Immigration Reform and Control Action of 1986 prohibits an employer from knowingly hire, recruit or send for spend any person that is unauthorized to work in the us (Boston University, n. d.

). If an employer violates this rules they can be fined from hundred buck to $1, 000 plus the fine is not merely for company but also for each employee working for them illegitimately (Boston School, n. m. ). There is also the possibility of imprisonment for business employers that are regarded to show a pattern of violating this Act (Boston University, d. d. ). To avoid breaking the Migrants Reform and Control Take action Mr. Stonefield must validate the identification and job eligibility of each employee he hires. He must complete and retain an entire INS Kind I-9 telling this verification (Boston School, n.

deb. ). Realization It is important that Mister. Stonefield great management staff understand that labor laws had been passed to supply protection pertaining to both staff and employers. That is why the us government puts a whole lot emphasis on ensuring organizations take them seriously by enforcing the laws with strict implications for noncompliance. Staying in complying with these types of laws is not only important to steer clear of legal fees and penalties but will as well protect the business from increasing a negative public image that can be extremely harming to their final conclusion.

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