A quick introduction to the introductory bunch including seeks and objectives


Include a meaning of additional demands

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Explain for what reason it is important for care experts to be aware of the different additional requirements that people may well have (150 words) P1 “Outline explanations why individuals may experience further needs ” Produce a e-zine

What are additional needs ” What is a physical disability and how does it have a direct impact on an person to be classed as an additional need? Just what sensory handicap? Give good examples

What is a intellectual disability? Provide examples (200 words)

Define and describe the several types of disabilities, symptoms, cause of the additional need and why they have an additional need ” elizabeth.

g. Down’s problem; cystic fibrosis, autistic range, people with mental health problems, breathing difficulties, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia ( 1000 words)

For example

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) & (ADD) are conditions which in turn result in trouble behaviour and poor focus span. Children find it hard to control their very own behaviour.

They might be impulsive, restless and inattentive. Children can have got problems learning and socialising. The causes of ADHD are not clear. Possible triggers are thought to be head injury, chemical imbalance inside the brain, genetic links, environmental factors and a possible link to diet. A few of these children present more challenging behavior than others and may need support when ever socialising and in the learning framework. This may result in one-to-one help in class.

P2 ” Describe models of impairment “Booklet to add

Define right after between incapacity; impairment

Explain the various models of handicap ” just like medical; cultural, charity and holistic or perhaps person centred model and offer examples of that substantiate knowing about it. Key inquiries to consider: Could it be a positive or perhaps negative procedure?

Does it give attention to the ability or disability of people with additional needs? Can there be an seek to the model?

Is definitely the disabled person labelled as a victim?

Give an example of the impact upon service dotacion because of the type of disability

P3- Explain the barriers which might be experienced by simply people with additional needs Specify what a barrier could in reference to health and sociable care options Identify the barriers that individuals with extra needs may possibly face at the. g. attitudinal barriers; discrimination, barriers to access and options, cultural, stereotyping and discrimination, impact on self-esteem and the associated with this over a disabled person’s well-being and present examples of each barrier described

P4 ” Explain positive working practice with people with additional learning needs ” written part What is one more learning need? Give instances of this with an explanation What support services can a customer with further learning requires access? Exactly what are the principles of positive operating practice?

E. g. describe empowering care and describe the importance of this when working with consumers with extra learning needs What do you realize by person centred organizing and how come this is an example of positive doing work practice whenever using clients with additional learning needs? What is safeguarding and how significant is this when working with people who have additional learning needs? What is positive strengthening and explain the significance of this once promoting freedom? What is ‘Guidance’ and how may this effect positive functioning practice as well as the execute of carers? Why is it very important to care personnel to be registered with a regulatory body as positive functioning practice for those who have additional learning needs? ( 2, 000 words intended for p2, p3 and p4 )


Boys D and Michie V (2008) BTEC Countrywide Health & Social Attention Book two: Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes (in your university library internet pages 196-237 offers unit 26 Caring for people who have additional requires ” remember the legislation may vary)


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