The Return of Tyreek Essay


In a culture dominated by vicarious experience and phenomena, it is hard to flee violence, alcohol and drug abuse, oppression, poverty, and also other realities shown in the lives of people through different mediums such as tv set, radio, print, and environment. Notwithstanding the challenges that they face in an effectless culture, these five youths – young, bright and precocious—are determined to rise above the daily humdrum of life within a society full with medicines, bigotry, physical violence, alcohol abuse, oppression and not caring.

To survive, they will bond, and elect to default “in favor of love and a much better future”.[1] Living within a unable to start environment influences every individual, especially the teenagers. With a world that always requires what to do and questions just about every moment are the ironic facts presented by Caroline Ilogienboh in her book The Return of Tyreek. Tyreek Jackson, showed a typical adolescent in the interior cities.

Any teenager goes through certain challenges in such a way that slowly and gradually, it potential clients them to become a youth culprit. The disparity between expert pressure and parental pressure disrupts the conventional flow of events in a teen’s existence. The misunderstandings brought by the disruption can be summed up as “people pressure”—a term coined by Herb vehicle Lugt.

Tyreek is confronted with drugs, sex, social indifferences and bigotry in his local environment. Like a part of the inner city means an individual is more likely to be dealing with low income. In this section of the community, even more crimes and violations happen to be committed because of less informed people. Persons residing in this place can also be known as ghetto because of their race. Tyreek is a Black-American.

Though their particular place is situated in the downtown area, the environment are like in depressed areas. On the other hand, parental absenteeism can be possible by a death of the parent, occupied mother and father, functioning parents, and so on. The frequency of these create nowadays due to globalization, add in the youth’s independence and lack of appropriate guidance. Teen delinquencies could possibly be the last resort in the event that parents are not really informed u the wrongdoings of their kids at an early stage.

These factors, combined with parental absenteeism, resulted in medicine pushing. Without the proper assistance of parents with their children, family members would be a failure. A failure inside the family is going to contribute to a disrupted culture. This domino effect is seen throughout the new The Go back of Tyreek. The family is the basic framework of a community.

The world is considered a residential area within territorial premises. The fogeys, being a part of the basic product, are tasked to form their children to be an obedient, liable, and hassle-free. Parents, having a nature in seeking authorization just like any other human being, are misinformed by distinct opinions in acting according to what they think is best for youngsters. Therefore , parents make peculiar behaviors and acts in response to those views. They flunk in guiding and bringing out the best for his or her young adults.

The rise of parental absenteeism due to the associated with globalization and seeking comfort in everyday lives is a root of misguided adolescents. Even though globalization proved to be a great monetary tool to get development, its moral results are often forgotten. The unwanted side effects are missed due to changing business and marketing businesses, and coping with the fast-paced life forward. The unexpected increase in labor forces became a bad cycle in maltreating workers to an magnitude that their particular lives are in peril. The same as what Tyreene experienced in his drug pressing wherein he risked his life for a amount of cash to give in to the wants of spoiled filthy rich teenagers.

Globalization exposed Tyreene’s eyes to a fresh money-making chance and shut his center towards burning off oneself. A deranged brain can merely easily give in to modernism and then go with the flow. Choosing a work is not really confined with drug providing or different illegal actions such as wagering, cigarette selling, and so on. Tyreek earns an enormous sum of money yet loses really himself—his morality, values, and worth as a person. A person’s pride must be undamaged at all times.

It may not exchange any materials possession. A person with dignity is priceless, although a person without it really is like perform money—no 1 bothers to use it besides kids. The worth of the person is usually priceless plus more than what money can buy. A teenager offers lots of choices. Fast food organizations offer part-time employment pertaining to working students or sometimes even out-of-school junior.

Small businesses hire experienced workers, without even a college degree. For various other employees, abilities and skills are far essential than a degree. It is just a matter of time and effort to find vacant video poker machines for you to easily fit in.

Other jobs such as running errands, gardening, babysitting, and so on, may need tremendous effort but these actions would never put an individual’s worth on the line. It is a matter of choice whether a teenager will certainly indulge in illegitimate and immoral activities or perhaps not. Since the saying goes, “It is actually good to be true. ” Yes, without a doubt, it is very impossible to generate like a pc programmer with an effort comparable to a receptionist.

Society takes on a great role in building a great region. A community affected with severe killings and unstoppable violence can be a problem for a nation. By providing additional worthwhile actions such as golf ball or any other sport may decrease the trouble. Building theme parks and places of worship can beat boredom. Theme parks may offer a space to find the nature, talk with friends, enjoy parlor online games, and organize community-involved activities.

Chapels might offer a dwelling place for the people teenagers whom are annoyed. It is also a spot to know more about God. This could serve as a method for these disturbed individuals to hope and look for God’s sanctuary amidst the hostility taking place around. Livelihood projects can be taught to people living in the lining circle.

These types of may present additional profits for the family. It may also arouse fascination from the community, therefore , staying away to different immoral activities. Seminars and trainings can be a possibility to have a newfound interest.

It will maintain creative state of mind flowing whilst keeping the adolescents’ raging bodily hormones at bay. These projects happen to be funded by the government and therefore are available for totally free. An opportunity to master with no extra charge is an excellent deal for these people since they had been stricken with poverty. It is going to preoccupy their brains and hands to great creations of art. Inturn, hostility can subside and dignity will be regained.

A sustainable urban city will be produced. Forums and issues may be tackled simply by experts to help them solve community-related problems. It will strengthen the city and check out the abilities and capacities they possess. Livelihood activities can range from regular sewing, woodworking, do-it-yourself crafts, soap making, cologne making, creating gift items, and entrepreneurship.

These is a vital part from this livelihood job for them to learn the basics of experiencing a business and how to market the merchandise for open public consumption. So long as the residents’ interests carry on and grow, the community projects will certainly prosper. Being different does not always mean to do unaccepted behaviors and conduct. Getting different and standing out through the rest of the crowd means a superb performance in the workplace, helping and reaching out to additional needy people, and so on.

Tyreek must find out that being noticed from others can never become equated with superiority or perhaps dominance, an influenced through globalization. Consequently , an individual need to resist temptations and immoral urges brought by unguarded moments in order to stick out. He must discover how to be aware in the speeches and actions at all times.

Unguarded occasions are common in nonproductive minds. They can be easily preyed on simply by temptations including sex, car theft, vandalism, robbery, and so forth Consciousness wards off the evil detractors of mankind. A way of exercising awareness is by keeping oneself occupied.  Tyreek should also learn how to reinforce his trust. Faith is known as a powerful protection against every evil causes.

A strong faith residing in a person’s cardiovascular system may help him think clearly, logically, and detailed. The food cravings of the soul can never end up being nourished simply by material and earthly belongings. What the heart needs is something that is usually lasting and intangible. It needs something more important than other things.

It needs plea. Prayer is actually a way to feed the soul and enrich kinds faith. Through prayer, connection with the Luminous Father is actually possible.

Tyreek must discover ways to use this brand of defense because he will never get it wrong in deciding on faith while his best weapon. Fate brings distinct characters in ones your life. Certain personas enter in the drama of life for a goal.

These people may influence you in one method or another. Sometimes, these character types may lead you to reform yourself. Joe-Joe and Zakee influenced Tyreek directly.

Being a section of the community, the proliferation of different influences obtained Tyreek’s personal approval of what this individual does is just but alright. Having exterior influences can help a person justify what he will and at the same time search for approval via these people regarding his thoughts and activities. The saying “Tell me whom your friends happen to be and I will say who you are, ” has the same concept in Tyreek’s your life. Though he has a capacity to change it, this dominates his social rassemblement.

In every person, there will always be a Tyreek. You may well be more violent, more oppressed, or poorer than he’s. But as the world revolved in circles, nothing at all changed.

The underlying guidelines are just similar. It simply happened within a different place and a different sort of time. A straightforward good vs . evil circumstance is a thing far more than one could ever before imagine. Fresh situations is going to rise yet clinging on one’s trust and pride, though extremely old-fashioned, is definitely unbeatable. Ilogienboh, Caroline.

2002. The Go back of Tyreek. Sun Flower Publishers, Nj-new jersey. Retrieved from the web: http://www.kwenu.com/bookreview/obaze/caroline_ilogienboh.htm [1] http://www.kwenu.com/bookreview/obaze/caroline_ilogienboh.htm

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