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Ocean Mammals


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Mcdougal of this response has been asked to answer into a fairly certain question. Problem at hand is actually marine mammals can suffer from decompression sickness. If they can, the author of this report is usually to confirm this kind of. The author might also need to verify under what circumstances the marine mammals would experience the sickness. Only scientific papers and journal offerings will be used to answer this question.

First off, the answer to the query at hand is definitely an absolute “yes. ” Underwater mammals can indeed incur decompression sickness which would consist of any mammals who engage in diving. It had been once thought that all marine mammals were generally immune to decompression sickness but newer findings have found this to be false (Hooker ou al., 2012). This trend has been tested through the use of diagnostic imaging in creatures like cetaceans and pinnipeds (Dennison, Fahlman Moore, 2012). A real-world sort of this exam was completed a sea lion in Cal. That marine lion was found to have hypermetric ataxia and zwischenstaatlich negative risk reflexes. The injuries happened after a dance of about one hundred and fifty meters. Much like humans, the damage was likely caused by ascending from the dance too quickly. Yet , it was absolutely due to a simple and immediate change in normal pressure about the animal (Van Bonn ainsi que al., 2011). However , you will discover others that assert that sonar activity from naval vessels triggers the damage as well, or perhaps instead of simple snorkeling and climbing (Fahlman, Tyack, Miller Kvadsheim, 2014). However , there is faraway from a consensus as to what is absolutely causing the damaged and this even involves the United States Navy and their research on the utilization of sonor plus the potential destruction it gives vent (Dalton, 2006).


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