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Romeo and Juliet and Atonement

Romeo and Juliet has long been one of William Shakespeare’s many popular and successful plays, even though authorities have occasionally dismissed it as a great immature or perhaps sentimental work. In that respect, Atonement is not sentimental at all but rather grimly realistic, even though the love of Ronnie and Cecelia also ends unfortunately. Both the play and new have a lot of seemingly illogical and mindless violence that destroys the lives of the main heroes. In Atonement, the assault takes the shape of a program that convicts Robbie unjustly of a criminal offenses he did not commit, after which gives him a choice of both serving in a war since cannon fodder or remaining in jail. Cecilia and Briony also have the violence of wartime Birmingham with standard bombing and endless amounts of badly mangled bodies that flood in the hospitals wherever they work. In Romeo and Juliet, the violence is the endless feud between your Monatgue’s and Capulet’s, in which Romeo eliminates Tybalt in retaliation intended for the fatality of his friend Mercutio. Great Britain in 1935 was not nearly as repressive and patriarchal because the Italy of the 17th Century which is the environment for Romeo and Juliet. Women had won the right to have your vote by that period, and had been beginning to enroll in universities or perhaps work beyond the home, since Cecelia and Briony Tallis did. As opposed to Juliet, they were not being required into organized marriages caught by their daddy, who basically seems indifferent to these people.






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More than 300 a lot of time distinct the settings of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Ian McEwan’s Atonement, and naturally the role and position of women transformed considerably during that time. Italia in the 17th Century stood much deeper in time and culture towards the ancient and medieval world where ladies were the home of their partners and dads, marriages had been arranged for a young age group and person desires and free choice mattered tiny in a patriarchal and authoritarian society. Romeo and Juliet insisted about making their particular personal wants most important, heading against the would like of their family members and the morals of their traditions, although in the end they perished because of this. Great Britain in 1935 was an metropolitan, industrialized region where girls had the justification to vote and were increasingly working beyond the home and attending schools, and they became even more emancipated during the Ww2. Cecilia can be described as university graduate student, for example , who ends up working as a nurse, and her lover Ronnie also graduated from Cambridge, although it was still uncommon for someone from a working category background. He too got aspirations to rise into the professional class and be a physician, and possibly even to marry Cecilia. Law and society had changed adequately by 1935 to permit people to make this kind of choices, even though Cecilia’s relatives would most certainly have disapproved. Yet females were nonetheless not equal to men in 1935, and still possessed less sexual independence and interpersonal and financial power, specifically in a society that was still being highly unpleasant discussing this sort of issues openly. Because of the malevolent actions and misinterpretations of any young woman, Robbie is also falsely found guilty of afeitado and provided for prison, in addition to the end this was the cause not simply of his separation coming from Cecilia although also his death.


Romeo and Juliet has always been among William Shakespeare’s most well-known and powerful plays, though critics have sometimes ignored it since an immature or impresionable work. Due to that, Atonement is not expressive at all but rather grimly genuine, although the like of Ronnie and Cecelia also ends tragically. Shakespeare’s play is additionally an important function of “sexual politics” as well as the desire of individuals to make a free choice, regardless if it will go against the will of their family and society (Watts 10). Juliet’s father Capulet has the power to turn her in a child new bride so his family can easily merge together with the aristocracy, yet instead your woman falls in appreciate with the child of his most resented enemy. Not any such relatives feud exists in Atonement, but cultural class remains to be important as Cecilia would be marrying beneath her level with Robbie, whose mother was a maidservant. Even today, as marriages throughout class and caste lines are not common, and they had been much less so in the 1930s. Like Romeo and Juliet, the connection between Cecilia and Ronnie was passionate and powerful, and in the two cases you cannot find any way of knowing if it might have lasted, offered the tragic fate that overtook both equally pairs of lovers.

The play and novel include a great deal of seemingly irrational and senseless physical violence that ruins the lives of the main characters. In Atonement, the violence takes the form of a system that convicts Robbie unjustly of your crime he did not commit, and then gives him a choice of either providing in a war as cannon fodder or staying in prison. Cecilia and Briony as well experience the violence of wartime London with regular bombing and endless numbers of desperately mangled systems that ton into the private hospitals where that they work. In Romeo and Juliet, the violence is a endless feud between the Monatgue’s and Capulet’s, in which Romeo kills Tybalt in retaliation for the death of his good friend Mercutio. Shakespeare’s play handles violence as a “masculine build, and even the meaning of masculinity is one of the coordinating topics, inch since the guys are always dueling and brawling in public (Watts 12). In the early modern world of Romeo and Juliet, men nonetheless believe that “aggressiveness is a indication of true manliness, ” and that lovemaking and assault against women was a typical facet of lifestyle (Watts 13). Even the aged Montague and Capulet will be eager to join in the public brawls and ententes between the family members, although when Romeo falls in love with Juliet he tries to be a peacemaker involving the families. However, the honor code of that world demands that he avenge the death of Mercutio, even though it leads to his personal exile. Ultimately, only the fatalities of Romeo and Juliet end the feud among Montague and Capulet, plus the violent, patriarchal society itself was the source of the misfortune.

At age tough luck – similar to Briony at the outset of Atonement – Juliet seems more mature and practical than the sixteen-year-old Romeo, who falls into and away of love quickly. Cecilia and Robbie happen to be older, being that they are both university graduates by the time the McEwan’s novel clears, but Cecilia is still a virgin mobile while Robbie did not even dare to approach her because her social school was much higher than his. Juliet, in contrast, lives a cloistered existence than the Tallis sisters, seeing that she is continue to literally beneath the control of her father and guarded in her virginity simply by male family like Tybalt and the home servants. They can have been within their traditional and customary rights to have killed Romeo at that moment had they found him in her bedroom. Theoretically at least, as a grown-up woman in 1935, Cecilia has the right to choose her own husband, even though relationship with Ronnie might have designed a break with her social-climbing and hypocritical family. Weakness and personal choice in matrimony partners is “historically, a comparatively recent trends, and more localized geographically than we may to start with think, inches since many nationalities had simply no real idea of it in past times (Watts 16). They believed in arranged marriages, dowries, bride-to-be prices and contracts, with women and children as the exact property of their fathers and husbands. In addition , the nuclear family with both parents employed and living in a middle category suburb is not the regular family at all, even on the western part of the country, but a 20th 100 years development. Of all time, romantic take pleasure in was thought to be based on sex desires that did not last for very long, and that marital life was also important a great institution to get left to individual choice.

Great Britain in 1935 has not been nearly as repressive and patriarchal because the Italia of the 17th Century which can be the placing for Romeo and Juliet. Women had won the right to political election by that time, and were beginning to go to universities or perhaps work beyond the home, since Cecelia and Briony Tallis did. Contrary to Juliet, we were holding not being forced into established marriages caught by their father, who truly seems indifferent to them. Briony as well imagines himself becoming a wonderful writer just like Shakespeare, Her Austen or Virginia Woolf, which may not have been feasible for Juliet even if she had survived and gone for the spend the associated with her existence with Romeo. As an adult, Briony will become a famous novelist, in the event not one of the really brilliant and inspiring copy writers of history. Men and women were not totally equal in 1935

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