Social degeneration in the crucible essay

The deterioration of Salem’s social structure precipitated themurders of numerous innocent persons. Arthur Miller’s depiction of theSalem witch trials, The Crucible, handles a community thatstarts out resembling it is securely knit and church supportive. Itturns away that when Tituba begins pointing her finger at thewitches, the community starts aiming their hands at eachother. Hysteria and hidden daily activities break down the social structureand then everyone must try to avoid the people thatthey thought had been their friends.


The church, legal program and thetogetherness of the community died so that children can protecttheir families’ social position. Being remote from any other group of people with differentbeliefs developed church led Puritan culture that was not able toaccept a lot of change. The church was against the satan, at thesame time it had been against things like dancing and otherpremature acts. The reputation of the family members was very important tothe users of the community.

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When the girls were trapped dancingin the woods, they lied to you to protect not simply themselves yet thereputation of their families. They claimed which the devil tookthem over and affected them to party. The girls as well said thatthey saw members of the area standing with all the devil. A communityliving within a puritan contemporary society like Salem could easily go into achaotic state and also have a difficult period dealing with what theyconsider to be the largest sort of evil. Salem’s hysteria manufactured the community drop faith in the spiritualbeliefs that they can were aiming to strictly enforce.

The cathedral lostmany of its parishioners because the interest of the city was nowon Abigail because people wanted to understand who was gonna be namednext. When the cathedral was trying to excommunicate Steve Proctor, there are not enough persons at chapel to do it. The people weregetting tricked so far as to leave a dagger trapped in the door oftheir minister’s house: Tonight, when I available my door to leave myhouse_a dagger clattered for the ground…There is usually danger forme. (128) had been Parris’ precise words. With the conveyer of Godfearing to get his your life there was not anymore anyone yet Abigail tolead the community.

The justice method is designed to shield the people that itserves nevertheless during the studies the accused witch acquired two options, death or perhaps imprisonment. The punishment of death was handed to allpeople that pleaded not guilty, the other abuse was to pleadguilty and head to jail. David Proctor gave his perspective of the justicesystem when he stated I like not the smell of this `authority’ (29). Is to do you know that all around four hundred happen to be in the prisons fromMarblehead to Lynn, and upon my signature? (85) said Danforth, describing the number of people that had been in jail on expenses ofwitchcraft.

There was so many people accomplished that Good commentedthere happen to be orphans roaming from property to house, deserted cattlebellow around the highroads, the stink of rotting vegetation hangseverywhere…(130) Salem was becoming a ghosting town. WithAbigail controlling the community, the church no longer gettingthe whole town to plea, and an unjust legal system, this isnatural which the people were within a state of total chaos. The unexplained was due to the devil, thus some users of Salemused the unusual to their benefits.

Mrs. Putnam told thetruth when the lady said, You will find wheels inside wheels in thisvillage, and fires within fires! 6) Mrs. Putnam did her share ofspreading rumors following she heard that the young ladies were traveling by air, soshe asked Parris Just how high do she (Abigail) fly, just how high? (11). These rumours happened individuals did not desire any pin the consequence on put onto themselves. This kind of `passing the buck’ manufactured people begin fightingwith one other such as Corey charging Putnam of having hisdaughter accuse a resident of witchcraft to acquire Corey’sland. Abigail used her power of convincing people to listen to her toher benefits when your woman charged Proctor’s spouse with being a witchso Abigail may live with John.

This once again proves that Abigailhad control of the town and the unexplained flipped neighboragainst neighbour. The sociable breakdown in Salem was your major factor in the tragedythat took the lives of countless innocent persons. There was more thanone tragedy in The Crucible. The first was the murdering of manyinnocent people, as well as the second is that a community that was oncevery close was broken a part. It came out that the persons ofSalem were like a family but solitude actually made them unableto adapt to a difficult situation.

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