Social circumstance of the poetry essay

Choose two or more poems, which deal with the child years experiences. Show how they happen to be successful in expressing all their chosen theme. Comment specifically on copy writers techniques, as well as the social framework of the poems. I have decided to compare the poems Hide and Seek by Vernon Scannell and Leaving College by Hugo Williams. The two Hide and Seek and Leaving School are very alike in the sense that their themes concentrate on childhood experiences plus the main character types are at some point overcome with feelings of realisation.


Vernon Scannell and Hugo Williams use some identical writing techniques to convey all their chosen styles. Brief content are used in both poetry to give a feeling of urgency. In Hide and Seek, the boy gives himself a lot of sets of commands. Employing short snappy sentences this individual tells him self Dont breathe in, Dont push, Stay foolish. Sentences such as are often used to increase the pace of the poem, which makes it increasingly rapid, creating a sense of seriousness which then activates the readers focus.

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Shorter phrases are also used to stand out in the midst of lots of enjambment. Just a straightforward sentences just like, They had the Beacon Series stands out much more than any other sentence in your essay in the second stanza of Leaving School, as it is extremely concise making it even more successful. Unlike Leaving School, Hide and Seek is made up of generally shorter phrases, which may enhance the suspense with the poem including times, scaling down the rate. Leaving University however is mainly made up of enjambment, which keeps the boys thoughts flowing and adds to the conversational tone.

This is more like an account than a poem. In both poems, the boys started off with excessive expectations. The boy in Leaving Institution was aged nai? ve, he thought that all going to boarding school was almost like a game title, he thought it was going to always be fun. Similarly in Hopscotch the youngster thought that it turned out just an blameless game that he was involved with and a game that he thought he was winning. This individual lacked the emotional style to realise that he was being tricked.

He’s blind for the reality from the situation and comments that he had hardly ever heard them sound so hushed before but does not realise that they can be hushed because they have truly found him and intend to leave him there. The sense of euphoria inside the boy, if he shouts Ive won is contrasted while using silence that he runs into when he comes out of the shed at the end of the poem. Both children had been subsequently to try out alienation and a degree of trauma. Hide and Seek is about a boy playing a game of hide and seek using what he feels are his friends.

He is hiding in a tool shed in a backyard. He sees that the various other children will endeavour the lane and then the greenhouse to find him, which suggests the youngster lives in the location, as he knows the surroundings. In Leaving College the young man is very not really acquainted with his environment. He was discovered by The headmasters wife travelling upstairs, which suggests that having been unable to locate his very own way about. The environment he is living in features very stiff rules unlike the rules of a game just like hide and seek.

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